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Mobile Weapon Storage Systems

Mobile Weapon Storage Systems are a Combat Weapon Storage System specialty. Mobile Weapon Storage Systems are our answer to arms rooms with too many weapons in too small of a space to house free-standing weapon racks or weapon shelving.

Mobile Storage Systems essentially place the weapon racks on top of collapsing carriages that allow for additional storage space by reducing the number of fixed aisles in your armory.

The concept is simple and time tested, we lay down tracks across the width of your space. The tracks are leveled to the high spot of your floor with a laser, grouted fully underneath the entire track span for each track and physically anchored to the concrete floor.

If you are in a portable armory or ARMAG we still anchor our system securing the tracks. Once the tracks are complete we build a floor out of plywood in between the tracks, leveling and anchoring the track for stability. This deck and the access ramp from the first track of the system are then left with finished decking or we supply and install rubber flooring. Systems installed in new construction projects have the tracks installed in troughs in the concrete that are back-filled without a raised deck or ramp.

Carriages are then built and Combat Weapon Racks are installed on top of carriages and anchored from the inside of the racks directly into the carriage frame. The front of the mobile carriage system is then completed with a finished laminate or full height steel end panel to fully enclose the gear box. Combat Weapon Racks are available in multiple widths and depths for use on mobile carriage systems. We will mix and match sizes to get the maximum storage density available.

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