Consolidated Arms Rooms combine multiple units or companies within the same space, with separate MTOEs or weapon density lists and the weapons needing to be stored separated by unit securely.

Many times consolidated arms rooms will require a Mobile Carriage System due to the quantity of weapons being stored in a small space, however with the right size arms room it is possible to have fixed weapon racks that independently lock down weapons and gear.

With TACOM APPROVED – full height weapon racks, mid-tier height weapon racks and stackable weapon racks, Combat Weapon Storage offers a wide variety of solutions to store weapons and gear.


Consolidated Arms Room MTOE

With multiple units inside of your consolidated arms room, weapons and gear must be stored and secured separately within the same confined space.

Designing arms rooms with this in mind, Combat Weapon Storage is able to separate your MTOEs and create a layout that will securely and separately store multiple units weapons and gear.

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Separate Weapon Racks for Units

Separate weapon racks for units allows each individual weapon rack to lock independently.

Many times we find consolidated arms rooms with security cages to separate weapons and gear when cages are not necessary. With the old M12 small arms racks, weapons with optics were not secure within an arms room, requiring those to be locked in a cage.

With fully enclosed weapon racks with doors, now those security cages may no longer be necessary as all items on the unit’s MTOE will be secure within the weapon racks.

Security cages in arms rooms are great for separating unit weapons and gear but also take up a lot of physical floor space as aisles and doorways take up valuable arms room real estate.

Consolidated Arms Room with Mobile Carriages

When mobile carriages are required to store your weapon density list, we are able to separate weapons in individual weapon racks and if necessary create separate, secure access aisles for each portion of the mobile carriage system being used by each unit. While this level of security is redundant, it adds an extra layer of security by locking out entire access aisles in addition to the individual weapon racks.

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