Weapon Cages inside of arms rooms are custom designed to match your space available offering separate storage for units.

With weapon cage configurations ranging from simple floor to ceiling partitions or full 5 sided cages, weapon cages will separate your secure materials from non-secure sections of your space.

Weapon Cage Material Options:

  • 6 or 10 gauge welded wire cages
  • 6 or 10 gauge woven wire cages
  • Welded Wire Cages allow for in field install modifications
  • Cages available with tamper proof connecting hardware
  • Hinged doors and sliding door cage availability
  • Keyed Locks with HID interfaces available
  • Dimensions of cages are determined by your space available
  • Integrate cages with Combat Weapon Storage
  • Shelving, Workbenches and other storage systems can be installed inside cages
  • Cages available with all 4 sides and a top depending on your requirement
  • 6 or 10 gauge construction
  • Welded or Woven Wire material
  • Standard Key Locks or advanced lock options
  • Cages dimensions determined by your space

Welded Wire Armory Cages

Welded wire is spot welded every time the wire crosses over the top of another piece of wire. The structural integrity of welded wire cages allows for in-field cuts during the assembly process to notch out lights, pipes, A/C or other obstructions that are directly in the path of your cage configuration.

Weapon Racks in Armory Cages

Armory Cages can be segmented to separate weapons by company, unit or team with weapon storage inside.

We constantly see a need to separate groups of weapons by team and the installation of armory cages allows a secure space for each unit to store weapons and gear.

As you may have noticed in the pictures above, we have installed mobile storage systems with weapon shelving and weapon racks as well as fixed weapon racks and weapon shelving. The setup of your armory will always be dictated by the size of the floor space available for storage and your weapon density list.

Armory Cages for General Storage

Shelving storage for mounts, tripods, NVGs, Pelican cases and other storage needs can be installed inside of armory cages providing secure general storage in addition to the storage provided by weapon racks.

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