LEO Weapon Racks perforated fully hinged security doors provide a cost effective alternate to our standard Combat Weapon Racks with reverse bi-folding doors. Handle inserts in the door provide an ease of use for opening and closing doors.

Available in multiple heights, widths and depths, LEO Weapon Racks store weapons, gear, optics (attached & detached), ammo, sensitive serialized items that require an additional layer of security within the armory.

Law Enforcement arms rooms include ancillary gear we do not always encounter in military armories. Having gear storage shelves in a lockable cabinet provides another layer of security in the armory where weapons can be mixed with gear or kept completely separate.

  • Fully Hinged perforated steel security doors
  • 3 point locking system secured with a rotating lock bar
  • Lock bar secures with customer supplied pad-lock
  • Fully Slotted Back Panel
  • Available in multiple heights, widths and depths
  • Store Weapons and Gear, Ammo, Clothes and more
  • Pre-punched anchor holes and includes leveling feet

LEO v Combat Weapon Racks

The LEO Weapon Rack series addresses the need for a more cost effective weapon and gear storage solution for state and local law enforcement agencies on a budget.

The reverse bi-fold door seen in Combat Weapon Racks offers a great feature to save space and has additional locking points on the weapon rack interior, but with budgets tight, having the option to purchase a fully hinged door LEO Weapon Rack allows departments to get secure weapon storage.

Combat Weapon Holders

Universal weapon holders adjust to support the front and back of your weapon’s buttstocks, preventing the weapon from being rotated when stored and providing proper storage angles with insteps.

Combat Barrel Saddles

Combat Barrel Saddles are adjustable on 1″ vertical increments and store all rifles. Built in retainer cords on barrel saddles available as an option prevent weapons from moving while being stored.

Available on GSA schedule LEO Weapon Racks store both weapons and gear either separately or together to secure materials for state and local law enforcement agencies.

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