Armories inside of Jails and Prisons are typically heavily underfunded and seen using storage for weapons made from wood or from old military surplus storage racks.

Jail & Prison Weapon Storage Systems require efficient storage to secure and store weapons with rapid retrieval always a possibility.

Weapons such as single launchers and 40mm multi-launchers as well as shotguns and rifles are commonly found in jail and prison facilities. Combat Weapon Storage offers adjustable weapon holders to secure the front and back of each of these weapon’s buttstocks, ensuring proper storage. Individually adjustable barrel saddles properly support the correct height setting for each weapon length.

  • Organize your Jail & Prison Weapon Storage with fully modular weapon storage
  • Fixed Weapon Racks available at multiple heights, widths, depths and door styles.
  • Mobile Carriages maximize storage requirements when your room is not large enough to store weapons in free-standing product.
  • Weapon Shelving stores an array of Jail & Prison weaponry within secure storage areas in the facility.
  • Storage Shelving stores ammo, gear and other ancillary parts with or without locking doors.
  • Weapon Carts help stage and move weapons within the jail/prison.
  • Armory Workbenches give armorers space to work on weapons and gear.
  • Weapon Vises allow for weapons to be worked on anywhere in the station.
  • Weapon Tracking Software with bar code and RFID technology helps keep weapon inventories up to date.
  • Fully Modular weapon storage with common components
  • Site visit to survey your arms room if necessary
  • Design of arms room with Combat Weapon Storage
  • Weapon Storage delivery & on site assembly

Jail + Prison Weapon Storage

Jails & Prisons store weapons in separate areas from inmates. These areas are typically outside of the jail compound but within a secure section.

Combat Weapon Storage has implemented both locking weapon racks with doors and our open weapon shelving in secure rooms for prison projects.

The level of security for storing weapons is a facility by facility decision. In our experience we have found that weapon shelving works best in these environments as they are highly restricted access spaces and allow for effective sight counts.

Storage Shelving Systems

Storage Shelving for ammunition is another common requirement we see inside of jails and prisons. Ammunition is typically stored boxed in bulk quantities with chemical agents in specialized chemical storage cabinets.

Ammunition is quite possibly the heaviest item we get requests to store across all storage projects. Because of this, configuring shelving for the highest weight capacities will ensure shelves do not bow or deflect due to the weight of the ammunition on the shelves.

This will also require making sure that ammunition is not stacked too many levels high per shelf level to maintain the right loading per shelf.

Transporting Weapons

Weapon Transportation inside jails and prisons can consist of open weapon transport carts or secure locking weapon racks with a transport base.

Open weapon carts store up to 12 assorted vertical rifles per side or 24 weapons per cart featuring handles on both sides of the cart and 2 casters with brakes.

Secure locking weapon racks with a transport base are attached from inside of the weapon rack with a separate heavy duty base with 5″ casters, 2 of which featuring brakes that help support moving the weapons throughout the facility.

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