Arms room site visits are the crux of what we do. Going over in detail your MTOE (weapon density list) and reviewing the layout of your armory allows us to know not just how many weapon racks or sections of weapon shelving are required to store everything, they also let us know the size limitations.

Things to consider in arms rooms, placement of IDS (should never be obstructed), where your doors and issue windows are located so they are also not obstructed, building columns, power receptacles, internet drops, overhead lights and also the fire sprinklers.

Knowing all of these parameters, we measure your space and are able to put together a CAD drawing showing a plan view storage layout that keeps your work space in the armory clear and concise.

Vital Valt has designed, sold & installed thousands of storage systems from shelving, high density shelving, vertical carousels, vertical lift modules, welded wire security cages and more around the globe in addition to Combat Weapon Storage System projects.

  • Measure arms room for available weapon storage space
  • Note obstructions, ceiling & sprinkler heights
  • Review MTOE (weapon density list) with armorer
  • Review additional storage requirements (shelving, workbenches, cages)
  • Prepare CAD drawing of armory showing sample layouts
  • Prepare proposal with GSA weapon storage pricing
  • Finalize proposal with drawings attached
  • Installation of turnkey weapon storage system upon award of contract
  • Site visit to verify usable dimensions of arms room
  • Ensure building & fire codes are observed with layout
  • Design armory layout in AutoCAD
  • Installation of weapon storage system by factory certified specialists & licensed contractors

Arms Room Site Survey

Arms room site surveys are easy to schedule and get through. Our sales team will visit your location, review your project requirements, your weapon density list, measure the usable dimensions of your arms room and put together a turnkey proposal complete with CAD drawings showing product layouts.

Why Site Visits Are Important

There are many obstructions in all workspaces that need to be factored into space planning. Inside of an armory, we need to note IDS location and height so as to not obstruct your security system, the location of fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, power receptacles and any pipes coming off the wall.

Locating items that can not be obstructed within your armory allows us to layout a system that will not obstruct storage and keep your space workable.

Upgrading Your Arms Room

From old to new, legacy weapon racks riddle the armed forces with M12 small arms racks leading the way. Racks that were designed for weapons a generation ago do not account for all of the attachments now being used on modern weaponry.

This is where a fully enclosed weapon rack will secure your weapon and optics and allow armorers to store weapons without having to remove these attachments. Weapons can be stored without taking any additional space or components with optics top or bottom mounted including M203s & M320 grenade launchers. Weapons with optics mounted to the side of the rail need to be double spaced like weapons with bi-pods to allow for proper spacing.

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