Wall mountable Weapon Panels present an interesting weapon storage application. In most cases, free standing weapon shelving is more appropriate and better supports storage.

When weapon storage needs to be mounted directly to the wall and not free standing, mounting weapon panels to your wall allows for weapon and gear storage above the floor.

Various weapon panel sizes allow for standard but custom configurations to outfit your armory.

  • Fully Reinforced Wall Mountable Weapon Panels
  • Pre-Punched to Bolt to Walls
  • Weight Bearing Panels
  • Weapon Panels Support vertical weapon storage, shelves, bins
  • Store Weapons Vertically
  • Store Weapons Horizontally
  • Store Pistols on Pistol Pegs
  • Store Gear with Different Shelf Widths
  • Reinforced Steel with welded reinforcement channels
  • Widths: 36, 30 24 & 18″
  • Heights: 30, 36 & 48″
  • Create Entire Gun Walls with Multiple Panels
  • 8 standard colors

Wall Mount Gun Racks

Wall Mount Modular Gun Racks allow for vertical or horizontal storage of weapons mounted directly to your wall.

Stand-alone weapon panels, manufactured with welded reinforcement channels are pre-punched to attach to your wall in a secure space for storage and display of small arms.

Modular Wall Mount Gun Racks

Utilizing our fully slotted back panels, Combat Weapon Panels become a modular wall mount gun rack system with components able to plug and play.

Rifles can be stored vertically and horizontally for display purposes. Pistols can be stored on peg strips or on display with horizontal pegs.

Shelves and bins are available for storage of ammo and miscellaneous storage.

Gun Vault Weapon Panels

Setting up Gun Vault Weapon Panels with Combat Weapon Panels allows for wall mounted weapon storage without having any uprights sitting on the floor of your vault. While we do manufacture free standing weapon shelving, Gun Vault Weapon Panels can be installed anywhere your wall will support them.

This allows for both large and small wall spaces to be set up with weapon storage in your gun vault.

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