Weapon Rack Installation is important for multiple reasons.

Military armories have a 500 lb. physical security requirement for small arms storage racks, requiring weapon racks to exceed 500 lbs. or be bolted to the facility.

Weapon Racks should be installed with all four corners leveled and anchored to your concrete slab. If racks are placed side to side they should be bolted side to side and also bolted to the wall or back to back to another weapon rack. Anchoring weapon racks to the floor from inside the weapon rack securely attaches the weapon rack to the facility and meets the 500 lb. physical security requirement.

Combat Weapon Racks are pre-punched to bolt to the wall or back to back, side to side and also to anchor to the floor. Having a pre-punched configuration for attaching weapon racks to your facility means that the weapon rack does not need to be modified or altered in the field.

  • Installation meets physical security requirements with anchored system
  • Weapon Rack Installation ensures weapon racks are installed level
  • Installation helps remove existing system (if necessary)
  • Seismic installations including anchoring, leveling and grouting for mobile carriage systems
  • Installation of mobile carriage systems globally
  • Installation of weapon racks on mobile carriages
  • MILCON projects with protection plans
  • Cleaning installation space and removing trash and debris
  • Factory certified installation
  • Leveled, anchored and bolted sided to side, back to back and/or to the wall
  • Removal of trash
  • End user system training

Weapon Rack Installation

Weapon Rack Installation is the last step of setting up your arms room. A good installation ensures that your weapon racks will not have performance issues from being out of level, being written up for not meeting physical security requirements by not anchoring the weapon racks and making sure the arms room is cleared of packaging materials.

Weapon Racks should be installed level, anchored to the concrete slab and bolted side to side, back to back or to the wall.

Existing systems can be relocated and in some cases repurposed with older racks on existing mobile carriage systems replaced with new racks that match the carriage footprint. These weapon rack system retrofit and relocation projects can save thousands of dollars in place of buying all new systems.

Mobile Weapon Rack Installation

Mobile Weapon Rack Installation includes installing tracks, wood decking, an entry ramp and floor covering over the decking and/or ramp.

The single most important aspect of a mobile weapon rack installation is the track being installed level. The installer must find the high spot of your slab and level all of the track to the high point of your floor, fully grout under the entire span of the tracks to keep the track from ever coming out of level and anchor the track to your concrete slab.

Assembling the mobile carriages with anti-tip brackets for seismic installations provide protection against carriages over tipping in a seismic event and an additional layer to the physical security of your mobile weapon rack system.

Weapon racks are anchored to mobile carriages from inside of the racks and bolted side to side to adjacent racks and also back to back through pre-punched slotted holes when racks are back to back.

End panels complete the mobile carriages with either full height laminate or full height steel end panels. End panels serve as the face of the system covering up the gear box leading from the drive axle to the 3 spoke hand crank that moves the mobile carriages. 3 x 5 card holders are attached to the end panels to provide space for armorers to note which weapons are in that aisle.

Global Installations

Combat Weapon Storage has provided installation services for weapon rack systems across the globe including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Factory certified install teams travel to ensure installs are complete.

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