In addition to weapon storage inside of arms rooms, Shelving Storage Systems allow armorers to store non-serialized items efficiently. Weapon mounts, Pelican cases, and bulk storage cases can be found stacked on the floors or on top of weapon racks inside of arms rooms leaving behind a mess.

Shelving Systems including bulk storage racks and steel storage shelving allow armorers to present a cleaned up arms room with proper storage of these non-serialized items.

In some cases, we have integrated shelving storage systems into high density weapon storage systems with the carriages locking down the system providing additional security for the items.

Securing shelving with lockable doors adds another layer of security to open shelving system.

  • Various widths and depths available
  • Adjustable shelves allow for multiple height clearances
  • Various Shelf Types – Steel, Corrugated Steel, Waterfall Wire Decks, Wood Decking
  • Bulk Storage Racks provide high shelf capacities in excess of 1,000 lbs for large weapon mounts
  • Shelving can be free-standing or mounted to mobile carriages
  • Shelving heights available up to 10′ for standard steel shelving & taller for industrial shelving
  • Shelving widths are 36, 42, 48″ W for standard units and 60, 72, 84, 96″ W for wide-span shelving
  • Shelving depths will vary by type of shelving, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36″ D and more depths available if needed
  • Shelving weight capacity is dictated by the type of shelving system, shelf loads into the thousands of lbs are available

Shelving Pricing – GSA Schedule

Shelving Storage Systems are available on GSA schedule under teaming agreements with our weapon storage systems or as stand alone purchases.

Shelving Systems

Shelving Storage Systems can be setup as open shelving or configured to be secure with doors enclosing the shelving. We have also installed shelving in welded wire cages to secure sensitive items.

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