Weapon Tracking Software for tracking weapons allows arms rooms total control over inventory with chain of custody control, bar code and RFID tracking, search, audit, inventory and the ability to print forms on demand.

Tracking weapons and gear with software gives a controlled and centralized database for armories tracking the day to day activity within the arms room.

Reports are available for each piece of gear, weapon and also activity reports on personnel working inside the armory.

Weapon Tracking Software with bar code allows weapons and gear to be manually scanned in and out of the armory. RFID Weapon Tracking Software allows items to be scanned passively using passive radio frequency technology.

RFID Weapon Tracking allows armorers to take a portable reader around the armory and inventory in a fraction of the time a manual inventory takes, saving countless hours of work in the armory.

  • RFID Weapon Tracking
  • Bar Code Weapon Tracking
  • Issue Window Touch Screens
  • Portable RFID/Barcode Readers to check items in and out
  • Secure Database for all weapons and gear
  • Customizable fields allow for tracking using your terminology
  • Track weapon repairs & maintenance, transfer of weapons, destruction of weapons,
  • Track end user weapon certifications
  • Weapons Accountability
  • Workstations only require Java
  • Demonstrations Available
  • Custom Reports available

Weapon Tracking Software

Manually calling out serial numbers of weapons and gear inside arms room for inventories is a time consuming and arduous task. Bar code tracking speeds that up, however bar code weapon tracking still requires a line of sight to scan the bar code.

RFID Weapon Tracking does not require a line of sight to scan an item. You can literally take a portable reader to your open weapon rack and scan the rack interior. Docking your portable reader then syncs the database and allows you to see the inventory you scanned. This report lets you know what is in your inventory and what is out so you can reconcile the inventory inside the arms room.

Point of Issue Armory Weapon Tracking

Checking weapons in and out of issue windows using RFID allows armorers to quickly move through issuing weapons and gear. Scanning the receiver’s ID card, a flat screen wall mounted monitor will let the armorer know which weapons and gear are assigned and then as they retrieve and issue the weapons the monitor will show the weapons scanned by the fixed RFID reader.

An e-signature tablet will then show the receiver what items they are checking out of the arms room so they can sign out the weapons and gear and this creates a checked out digital form that can be printed as needed for the armorer audit trail process.

Weapon Tracking Security

Configuring weapon tracking software to meet each end user’s requirements will require that data fields and certain information be kept secure so only system administrators can vie sensitive information or make any necessary field changes.

Setting up user access is easy and allows us to split security into 4 different security levels.

Arms rooms sharing the weapon tracking system with other units can even separate their inventory and personnel using software permissions.

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