Range Weapon Storage for law enforcement agencies can include a wide variety of weaponry. Providing a fully modular weapon storage system allows range instructors the ability to store all weaponry, current and future, with universal components.

Police Academies can have larger size armory requirements for weapon ranges and may even require a mobile storage system.

Weapon carts play a critical role in staging and transporting weapons in and out of ranges as classes and training programs are taught. Both open weapon transport carts and secure locking weapon carts are available for the storage, staging and transport of weapons in and out of the weapon range.

Combat Weapon Shelving is the most common weapon storage solution for law enforcement agencies with free-standing single or double sided shelving filling out storage requirements for weapons and gear in controlled access arms rooms. Combat Weapon Racks are provided in arms rooms requiring an additional layer of security to lock down weaponry.

  • Organize your weapon range with fully modular weapon storage.
  • Fixed Weapon Racks available at multiple heights, widths, depths and door styles.
  • Mobile Carriages maximize storage requirements when your room is not large enough to store weapons in free-standing product.
  • Weapon Shelving stores rifles, pistols and gear in a grab & go environment.
  • Storage Shelving Stores ammo, gear and other ancillary parts with or without locking doors.
  • Weapon Carts help stage and move weapons to and from the range.
  • Armory Workbenches gives officers space to work on weapons and gear.
  • Weapon Vises allow for weapons to be worked on while at the range.
  • Weapon Tracking Software with bar code and RFID technology keeps weapon inventories up to date.
  • Fully Modular weapon storage with common components
  • Site visit to survey your arms room if necessary
  • Design of arms room with Combat Weapon Storage
  • Weapon Storage delivery & on-site assembly

Range Weapon Storage

Weapon Ranges will have a wide variety of weapons coming and going as officer’s and deputy’s require annual, semi-annual or possibly even more weapon training per year.

Shotguns, pistols, tasers, rifles of all types and simulator weapons can all be stored at law enforcement weapon ranges with standard adjustable components.

The combination of modular weapon shelving, weapon racks, weapon carts and mobile weapon storage systems allows for law enforcement weapon ranges and academies to have a wide array of storage possibilities.

Weapon Range Weapon Carts

Transporting weapons between the arms room and the weapon range can be accomplished using open double sided weapon carts or if necessary secure locking weapon racks with a mobile base. The secure mobile weapon racks can be single sided or placed with two racks back to back on the same base if larger quantity of weapons need to be moved securely.

High Density Law Enforcement Weapon Storage

High Density Law Enforcement Weapon Storage provides an option to store more weapons within an armory than free-standing racks provide. Storing weapons on mobile carriages eliminates what would otherwise be static aisles between ranges of weapon racks or weapon shelving. This concept of adding weapon storage to carriages can also be mixed with general storage shelving within the same system.

Weapon ranges also have inventory requirements to track weapons within the range. Check in/Check out tracking as well as qualification score tracking helps monitor required training procedures. Weapon Tracking is available using bar codes and/or RFID. We have implemented systems globally for tracking weapons for various law enforcement agencies.

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