Combat Weapon Carts transport and store rifles, machine guns, pistols and gear. Utilizing our fully slotted back panel with adjustable components, weapons are stored without worry while transporting within arms rooms or outside. Rugged industrial casters and two waist high handles allow transportation of weapons with ease.

Weapon Cart National Stock Number: (PN: CWR50) 1095-01-620-5551

Combat Weapon Carts are an open cart system with eyelets available to run cables through as an option.

  • Open Architecture allows transport & storage of 24 assorted rifles
  • Secure transport handles on both sides are an integral part of weapon cart construction, fixed in place
  • Slotted weapon cart base allows for weapon holders to secure the buttstock of weapons
  • Individually adjustable barrel saddles with retainer cords secure the barrels of weapons while transporting
  • Reinforced back panels allow for the storage of ammo or gear on shelves
  • Casters feature brakes to prevent cart from rolling on its own
  • Reinforced weapon cart base supports heavy weapons MK19s, M2s, Carl Gustavs and Mortars
  • Side panels close off ends of weapon cart
  • 24 rifle capacity
  • Heavy Duty Casters with brakes
  • Heavy Duty handles on both ends of weapon cart
  • Weapon Holders and barrel saddles prevent weapon movement while in transport
Combat Weapon Cart - Transport Weapons

Weapon Carts (Open) 

Transport weapons with two waist high fixed handles secured to the structure of the weapon cart. While the weapon cart itself is open, weapons are secured using adjustable weapon holders to control the front and back of each buttstock and an individually adjustable barrel saddle with retainer cord.

Weapon Transport Cart for Weapons & Gear

While the transport of weapons is shown in the pictures above, mix and match shelves & pistol pegs to transport pistols and other associated gear such as ammo.

Rugged Weapon Cart Construction

Reinforced back panels and base shelves along with rugged casters provide a solid weapon transport cart construction.