Mobile Weapon Rack Systems are a Combat Weapon Storage specialty. We’ve installed well over a million miles worth of track over the years as a corporation including some very large arms rooms.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we are eliminating fixed aisles seen between static weapon racks. This allows for a higher storage capacity within your arms room.

Mobile Weapon Rack System carriage dimensions are determined by the space available in your arms room and the number of weapon racks required to store your weapon density list and gear. We have installed mobile carriage systems with 30 feet + carriages and systems with carriages just 3 feet.

Combat Weapon Storage will come out and do a free site survey to review your space, go over your requirements in person and also make sure we see the obstructions that may cause issues for a mobile weapon rack system.

Weapon Storage - Military Weapon Storage System
Armory Weapon Storage - Mobile Weapon Shelving

Seismic v Non-Seismic Track

There are several types of track available to support mobile carriages. Standard track or rail for carriages does not have anti-tip capability and leaves the carriages potentially vulnerable to tipping over in the case of an earthquake or other event that could cause a carriage to fall over.

Track with anti-tip flanges utilizes anti-tip brackets installed underneath of the mobile carriages that prevents the carriage from tipping over in the case of one of these events.

Track Installation

The installation of your track is the single most important aspect of a mobile carriage system. The track must be installed to the high spot of your concrete floor using a laser level. Then the track must be anchored and fully grouted under the entire span of the track to prevent the track from ever becoming out of level to the high spot of your floor.

Mobile Storage Flooring Options

There are multiple options available when it comes to flooring on top of wood decking in Mobile Weapon Rack Systems. In between the tracks and the entry ramp to your system, there will be a wood deck built so the armorer is level with the tracks and there is no tripping hazard.

The wood decking is raw plywood and should be finished to protect the decking from wear and tear.

Options for covering wood decking:

Pay Attention to Building Codes

Arms Rooms are not immune from local building and fire codes. We’ve seen many systems installed that do not meet the local building and fire codes. These systems need to adhere to all local, state and federal codes.

We have been awarded contracts to replace mobile weapon rack systems that are not in compliance with fire code. We also see competition advertising systems on their Web site that shows systems 4″ away from the fire sprinklers on mobile carriages.

Be sure that your mobile weapon rack systems are designed to give proper clearance to your fire sprinklers inside your arms room.

Fire Code in Arms Rooms

Fire codes state that a clearance of 18” must exist for effective operation of fire suppression systems. Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-600-1, Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities, governs fire protection engineering for facilities.

UFC 3-600-1 points to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13, Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems. The new storage system and the Contractor installation of the new storage system shall meet UFC 3-600-1 (in its entirety) and NFPA 13 (in its entirety).

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