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What exactly is a bad weapon rack installation?

Selling and installing a storage system that is less than 18″ from fire sprinklers, violating fire code definitely qualifies as a bad weapon rack installation.

Implementing a single access aisle mobile weapon rack system for a unit with 1,000 weapons would also be a bad weapon rack installation.

As we tore down this competitive weapon rack system installation, we were able to see some of the other issues the unit was encountering.

First as a note, the most important part of any high density system is the installation of the track. If the track is installed improperly or is out of level, the carriages can drift if the safeties are not engaged and injure users.

The mobile carriages were dragging on the track in specific spots of this system. As we disassembled the system we could see why. The track was installed with leveling feet and anchored at 2 foot wide intervals. There also was no grout installed under the length of the track. Grout is essential to making sure track stays level.

Mobile Weapon Rack Fire Code Violation

The anchors in the pictures below bowed the track as the anchors did not keep the track level due to a poor anchoring job. The head of the anchor is not anchored flush to the track, giving the track space to flex as carriages roll back and forth.

The vendor even left behind the dirt from hammer drilling anchor holes. These dirt piles should be vacuumed up while the anchor holes are being drilled.

Anti-tip seismic track has a channel that lets a gripper plate underneath of a carriage ride through it to prevent a carriage from tipping over in a seismic event. With this system being installed out of level, there was no gripper plate clearance or tolerance causing it to strike the metal on the channel where the track was out of level.

Bad Track Installation

Poor Weapon Rack Installation

Leveling Feet underneath of the track have no definitive way to keep the track level. 

Weapon Storage - Replacing Old Weapon Rack Systems

Here you can clearly see the flange of the track being bowed by an anchor, leaving the track out of level. The vendor left the concrete dust behind from drilling the concrete for anchors.

Good Track Installation

Utilizing leveling screws, track is leveled to the high spot of the floor then anchored and fully grouted. Fully grouted tracks enable tracks to stay level to the high spot of the concrete slab.

Built in anti-tip leveled track with a solid steel rail embedded into a grouted aluminum sub-rail with anti-tip channels for both seismic and safety applications provides for superior strength and load distribution to the concrete slab.

Bad Weapon Rack Installation

Inside of the weapon racks we found additional poor installation issues. The weapon racks were not anchored to the carriages in all four corners. You can clearly see where only two out of four anchors are bolting the cabinets to the carriage.

The material handling cabinets were also out of level on top of the carriage with some cabinets appearing taller then the next cabinet over. We encountered many cabinets that were also not bolted side to side and not a single cabinet was bolted back to back, a major flaw of the louvered back panel design.

Weapon Racks installed on top of mobile carriages should be level every single time, except for when the track is out of level and the cabinets are not installed correctly.

The plastic molded bases were free floating inside of the cabinet, not set in place, in some cases causing no angle for the rifles.

The system was completely disassembled, relocated within the building and reassembled with shelves added to the cabinets for general purpose storage.

We made sure to install the track level, anchor and fully grout the track so it stays level.

Weapon Rack Installation Problems

The large gap between two cabinets installed back-to-back on carriages means weapons on the upper tier have poor angles and are prone to falling forward out of the weapon rack.

Weapon Cabinet Installation Problems

The weapon racks are only attached in two of the four corners to the mobile carriage with no bolts attaching cabinets side-to-side.

Mobile Weapon Rack System Installation Errors

The single sheet of steel end panel is bowed and deflected as it is not fully secure to the system.

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