Combat Weapon Shelving stores all past, present and future weapon systems including rifles & shotguns, crew-served weapons, mortars, machine guns, miniguns, sniper rifles, pistols & tasers with adjustable weapon holders secured to a slotted base shelf. Heavy weapons require a heavy weapon base to properly support the weapons.

Combat Weapon Shelving sections are available as single or double sided free-standing sections of shelving. Combat Weapon Shelving can also be installed on mobile carriages for high density shelving applications.

Combat Weapon Shelving Systems are easy to assemble using our post, crossbar and panel system with leveling feet included for uprights and anchor holes to secure shelving to your armory floor if necessary. Rugged, reinforced back panels with heavy gauge steel provides rigidity required to store all weapons and gear.

  • Reinforced Back Panels
  • Cross Bars for Rigidity
  • Free Standing
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Fixed or Mobile Carriages
  • Double Tier Rifle Storage
  • Multiple Standard Widths allow for wide range of length configurations
  • Leveling Feet and Anchor Holes on every upright
  • Standard Widths: 24, 30 & 36″ W
  • Standard Heights: 48, 66, 72, 78, 84″ H
  • Depth: 15.2″ (single sided), 27.9″ (double sided)
  • Free-Standing Shelving doesn’t require wall mounting

Combat Weapon Shelving Storage Capacity

Free standing weapon shelving can be configured around the perimeter of your armory or can also be configured using double sided sections to come off the wall into your space creating rows and aisles of weapons being stored.

A 36″ W section of weapon shelving stores 12 vertical rifles per tier or 24 rifles.

A 30″ W section of weapon shelving stores 10 vertical rifles per tier or 20 rifles.

A 24″ W section of weapon shelving stores 8 vertical rifles per tier or 16 rifles.

Combine any of those sections to one another and you quickly start producing a system that can store hundreds or even thousands of weapons with the right inventory and armory size.

Double Sided Weapon Shelving

Double sided weapon shelving doubles the storage capacity of a single section of weapon shelving.

A 36″ W section now stores 48 total rifles double tiered.

A 30″ W section now stores 40 total rifles double tiered.

A 24″ W section now stores 32 total rifles double tiered.

When bringing weapon shelving off your wall and into your room, you will need aisle space on both sides of the shelving to access your weapons.

Pistols, Gear and Miscellaneous Storage

In addition to storing rifles, pistol pegs knock out storage of pistols with minimal space taken up on the back panel of the weapon shelving. Pistol pegs are available as single pegs or various width peg strips to meet your pistol storage requirement.

Steel shelves are available in multiple widths, giving you full cubic storage capacity with unobstructed shelves. Dividers for shelves are available if required.

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