Combat Armory Workbenches allow armorers to work on weapons in the arms room or anywhere the Armory Workbench is installed.

Armory Workbenches allow for not only a non-skid work surface with a grommet hole, but for temporary storage of weapons, gear and parts above the work counter using standard Combat Weapon Storage components.

Horizontal & vertical storage of all rifle types, pistol pegs, storage shelves, storage bins & lock boxes are just a few of the different types of components available to configure your arms room armory workbench to meet your working requirements.

Adding a Combat Tactical Weapon Vise also adds a tool for maintenance, cleaning and boresighting.

Available in 36″ wide sections, Armory Workbenches can be connected side-by-side or configured as stand-alone units when multiple workbenches are required.

  • Non-Skid Counter with grommet holes
  • Overhead Light (requires plug)
  • Adjustable Height Work Counter
  • Locking Roll-Out Drawer
  • Full height slotted back panel
  • Store Weapons above Work Counter while working
  • Shelves, Bins, Pistol Pegs, Vertical & Horizontal rifle storage
  • Under Counter Storage
  • 84″ H x 37″ W x 30″ D
  • Connect Multiple Workbenches side by side
  • Configure Workbenches back to back
  • 8 standard colors

Arms Room Workbenches

Arms room workbenches are important to armorers to allow for space to work on weapons in addition to storing weapons. Armory workbenches are not always placed inside of the armory, often times in separate spaces depending on how your arms room and work space is configured.

Additional Armory Workbenches

In addition to our Combat Armory Workbench, we also offer different styles of workbenches with hardwood tops, steel tops and various configurations with modular drawer storage under the work counter.

Workbenches are available from 3′ W to 8′ W widths and depths of 30″ to 36″ D. Armory workbench heights can be fixed or adjustable height with adjustable height leg workbenches.

The workbench pictured below has a hardwood top with under counter storage and wall mounted weapon panels above for storage of weapons and weapon parts.


Weapon Panels Workbench

Workbench Modular Drawers

Modular drawer storage under workbenches allow armorers to divide and partition small parts, tools & cleaning kits for efficient storage and retrieval.

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