Mobile Weapon Shelving Systems allow for the greatest density of weapon storage over static weapon storage systems. By placing Combat Weapon Shelving onto moveable carriages, arms rooms, armories, crime labs, evidence vaults, property rooms and firearm manufacturers can store weapon systems in a compact and secure organized fashion.

Mobile Weapon Shelving systems are a Combat Weapon Storage specialty. We’ve installed well over a million miles worth of track over the years as a corporation including some very large arms rooms.

Mobile Weapon Shelving Systems utilize rolling carriages that eliminate fixed aisles in between ranges of weapon shelving, allowing for a greater storage density with your armory.

Mobile Carriages or High Density Systems eliminate fixed aisles seen between static ranges of weapon shelving. This allows for a higher storage capacity within your arms room.

Mobile carriage system dimensions are determined by the space available in your arms room and the number of sections of weapon shelving required to store your weapon density list and gear. We have installed mobile carriage systems with 30 feet + carriages and systems with carriages just 3 feet.

Combat Weapon Storage will come out and do a free site survey to review your space, go over your requirements in person and also make sure we see the obstructions that may cause issues for a mobile weapon shelving system.

  • Eliminate fixed aisles and increase weapon storage density
  • Seismic Anti-Tip Tracks
  • Universal Weapon Storage components promote full modularity
  • Mix Combat Weapon Shelving with Combat Weapon Racks on carriages
  • Carriage Lengths determined by your space available and weapon density requirement
  • Carriage Locks are available to secure mobile carriage system
  • Multiple Floor covering options available
  • Mobile Carriages store more in less space than fixed storage
  • Available with passive safety features to protect end users
  • 1,000 lb. per linear foot carriage capacity
  • Adjustable Weapon Storage components
  • Steel or Laminate End Panels
  • Anchored & fully grouted anti-tip tracks

Mobile Weapon Shelving Systems

By installing Combat Weapon Shelving on top of mobile carriages, you instantly increase the weapon storage density of your arms vault. Double sided weapon shelving provides maximum storage capacity.

The longer your mobile carriages are in your space, the more weapons you will have access to in each aisle.

The open architecture available to plug and play components gives end user the ability to store weapons and gear mixed together with ease.

Mobile Storage Flooring Options

There are multiple options available when it comes to flooring on top of wood decking in mobile carriage systems. In between the tracks and the entry ramp to your system, there will be a wood deck built so the armorer is level with the tracks and there is no tripping hazard.

The wood decking is raw plywood and should be finished to protect the decking from wear and tear.

Options for covering wood decking:

Pistols Mobile Weapon Shelving

Pistol storage utilizing pistol pegs can store upwards of 300 pistols per section of shelving. In arms room environments with large pistol inventories, this storage capacity reduces the footprint required to store large numbers of pistols.

Rifles Mobile Weapon Shelving

Rifles can be stored single or double tiered within the system depending on the space available and the size of the firearm. Weapon holders secure the buttstock of the weapon, eliminating weapons that can be rotated while being stored and with the use of our retainer cords also secures the barrel without worry of the weapon shifting or falling while the mobile carriages are in use.

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