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High Density Weapon Storage Floor Covering

How to Build an Armory

We detailed how High Density Weapon Storage Systems are configured in a previous post: See High Density Weapon Storage blog post for more details

This post is explicitly for High Density Weapon Storage Floor Covering. More details specific to High Density Weapon Storage can be found at the link.

A recap of Mobile carriage systems are available as manual, mechanical assist (hand crank) or electric carriage systems.

  • Manual systems have a fixed handle and are dragged from side to side. These types of systems should not be used in armories.
  • Mechanical Assist (hand crank) mobile carriage systems are the most common type of system as they have no cost of ownership and are predominantly maintenance free.
  • Electric mobile carriage systems are typically only used in larger projects that need advanced safety features or for PIN code access for specific access aisles. These systems require maintenance contracts to have the electronic components serviced and operational.

With track installed on top of an existing concrete slab, you now have a tripping hazard and a build up that requires a wood platform to be built between the tracks with an entrance ramp extending from the first rail to just under the start of the carriage.

Wood decking between tracks creates a platform for armorers to stand on. Wood is leveled with leveling screws and either anchored to the floor or secured with grout balls to keep the floor from bouncing or bowing and deflecting.

There are various options available for wood flooring including fire rated, pre-finished decking and finishing the wood decking with floor covering such as VCT (vinyl commercial tile) or heavy duty rubber flooring.

High Density Weapon Storage Floor Covering Options

Also important to consider for High Density Mobile Weapon Storage Systems, the entry ramp is the transition between the concrete slab and the first track.

An ADA ramp has a proper angle for utilizing carts for loading or pulling weapons out of your weapon rack system.

Entry ramps should be ADA entry ramps that have a slope allowing for each use of carts to go in and out of the system.

Some ramps on the market, like this one above are only 8-9″ long and have a very tight angle, making the use of carts difficult to get in and out of the slope of the ramp.

We strongly prefer heavy duty rubber flooring to protect the wood from regular wear and tear and to also help protect weapons if ever dropped inside of the system.
The heavy duty rubber flooring also provides a good cushion for armorers when walking within the high density weapon storage system.

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