Special Forces Arms Rooms differ from standard military arms rooms in that weapons are stored broken down by team or in a bulk setting. Special Forces units require the ability to store specialized gear, tactical lights, side mounted optics & lasers, grenade launchers & bi-pods attached to the weapon inside of their weapon racks. Weapon Storage within Combat Weapon Racks does not require removal of SOPMOD attachments, but does require proper spacing inside of the rack to accommodate these attachments. Typically this requires double spacing weapons with bi-pods and side mounted optics.

Combat Weapon Storage features fully modular weapon storage components with a fully slotted back panel and individually adjustable barrel saddles and a pair of weapon holders to secure the buttstock of all weapons with a buttstock and a barrel. Using universal components allows end users to adjust components to their weapons without having to purchase new components to support like weapons.

National Stock Numbers for weapon racks allows Special Forces units to purchase


Special Forces Group (A) Weapon Storage

US Army Special Forces Groups (A) store weapons broken out by Operational Detachments (ODA/ODB/ODC).

Storing weapons broken out by ODAs requires a wide variety of weapons to be stored in the same weapon rack. Featuring adjustable weapon holders and individually adjustable barrel saddles, Combat Weapon Storage allows for armorers to mix and match different weapon types with the same components. This system modularity keeps weapons together by team and allows units to properly store weapons based on team configurations.

National Stock Numbers for ODA configurations are available specifically configured for ODAs.

Navy SEAL Team Weapon Storage

Naval Special Warfare Groups are broken our by SEAL Teams, Special Boat Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team and many other support elements.

SEAL Teams and support elements will have a wide variety of weapon systems being stored. The ability to adjust on the fly when new weapons are introduced allows armorers to plug and play with universal weapon holders and individually adjustable barrel saddles.

Heavy weapons are supported using heavy weapon bases to properly angle the weapons towards the back panel.

Combat Weapon Storage supports Naval Special Warfare Groups with fixed weapon storage and mobile weapon storage as well as Combat Weapon Racks and Combat Weapon Shelving.

Fixed Weapon Storage v Mobile Weapon Storage

Fixed Weapon Storage requires aisles between every row of weapon racks or weapon shelving. Aisles are typically a minimum of 36″ W, however with some weapons larger than 36″ aisles can be as wide as 48″ or more to allow for greater workflow.

Mobile Storage Systems compact the space required between rows of weapon racks or weapon shelving, allowing for a greater concentration of storage density and effectively reducing the amount of floor space required for storing weapons and gear.

The quantity of weapons being stored and your usable floor space will dictate whether you can store all of your weapons in fixed storage or mobile storage. Some armorers prefer fixed storage so they have access to every aisle storing weapons and gear. Other armorers prefer mobile storage to reduce the footprint of the storage system, which often allows storage shelving and workbenches to be added to the armory in addition to weapon storage.

Weapon Cages can also act to separate units or teams within armories, adding an extra layer of security within an arms room.

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