NVG Storage using full width adjustable steel shelves allow for an unobstructed storage capacity across the entire span of the shelf with dividers available for shelves as needed to segment the shelf.

AN/PVS-7 and AN/PVS-13 optics storage is maxed out inside of Combat Weapon Racks using full width adjustable steel shelves.

NVG Weapon Racks are available with National Stock Numbers.

Full width adjustable steel shelves do not limit storage capacity seen in brittle plastic bins that effectively reduce storage capacity due to the growth of each bin.

NVG Storage is available in fixed weapon racks, weapon racks on mobile carriages and also in weapon shelving systems.

  • Full Width Adjustable Steel Shelves
  • Multiple Shelf widths available (18, 24, 30 & 42″ W), shelves are not required to be full width
  • Unobstructed Shelves allow for max storage density inside weapon racks
  • Dividers available for shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable on 1″ increments
  • Multiple Weapon Rack Heights Available: 44, 76 & 85″ H
  • Multiple Weapon Rack Widths Available: 36 & 42″ W
  • 24″ & 30″ D Weapon Racks Available
  • Heavy Duty Full Width Adjustable Steel Shelves
  • Shelf Widths not dictated by Weapon Rack Width
  • Adjustable Dividers available
  • 1″ Shelf Adjustability

Shelves Max Out Cubic Storage Density

The reinforced back panels in Combat Weapon Storage ensure that shelves can be placed anywhere on the back panel. Shelves are not forced to go the full width of the cabinet or section of shelving for support.

Utilizing the full depth of the cabinet, steel shelves maximize the cubic feet of storage possible, reducing lost storage capacity issues that plague plastic storage bins.

Unobstructed NVG Storage

NVG Storage utilizing steel shelves best supports optics with proper weight capacity and an unobstructed shelf.

Steel shelves adjustable on 1″ increments will allow for maximum storage density of optics inside of weapon racks without being locked into a specific height setting predicated on a bin system.

NVG Storage using plastic bins is available, however plastic bins have limited widths and weight capacities, and do not use the full depth available inside the weapon rack. The formed edges of plastic bins also reduce storage capacity, taking away valuable real estate to store additional optics inside of your weapon racks.

Variable Height Settings

Variable height settings with steel shelves allow for mixing the space between shelves based on what is being stored inside your weapon rack. If you need more height clearance between shelves, the shelves adjust on 1″ vertical increments. By the same token, if you want to tighten the spacing between shelves, you can relocate the shelf down to reduce height clearance between shelves.

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