Exhibit A, M12 Small Arms Storage Racks dominate Company Arms Rooms throughout the US military. These weapon racks were designed in the Vietnam era when only M16s with iron sights were being used. The picture to the right shows M4s, with optics right below the hinged lock bar, which is designed to drop when the pad-lock is removed. This design not only exposes optics to damage but also fails to secure optics stored on M4s.

Now with a wide variety of weapons (MTOE) being stored inside of a company arms room, the need for a fully enclosed weapon cabinet with locking doors to secure weapons with optics attached and modular components brings you to Combat Weapon Storage.

With TACOM approved weapon racks and 50 National Stock Numbers, Combat Weapon Storage offers a fully modular weapon storage system to meet your current and future weapon storage requirements.


Company Arms Room MTOE

If your company arms room looks similar to the picture above with M12 small arms racks, you’re probably reading this to figure out how to configure your arms room with new, fully modular weapon racks.

To do so, we will need the full dimensions of your company arms room and your MTOE (weapon density list) so we can determine how many weapon racks are required to store your weapons and put together a floor plan showing the weapon rack layout.

You can reach us by submitting our feedback form, emailing us at sales@weaponstorage.com or calling 800-699-1191 to request more information.

Company Arms Room Mobile Weapon Racks

Company Arms Room Mobile Weapon Racks allow arms room to store more weapons than the space is intended for using static, free standing weapon racks. By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, aisles can be collapsed and opened with an ergonomic 3 spoke handle when access is required versus always being open.

This concept of rolling carriages includes structural track (seismic track in seismic zones) that is fully grouted to your concrete slab to stay level to the high spot the slab, structurally anchored and then has wood flooring between the tracks to eliminate tripping hazards. Wood flooring can be finished with non-skid rubber flooring or a finished wood flooring product. There is also an entry ramp into the carriage system. This ramp does not stick out beyond the front of the carriages.

Placing weapon racks on mobile carriages adds roughly 6-7 inches of overall height to the weapon racks. As all arms rooms are unique, this may force you into various or shorter height weapon racks to maintain the 18″ fire sprinkler code.

Not every arms room can accommodate full height 85″ H weapon racks as free standing racks or even installed on top of mobile carriages without violating the 18″ fire sprinkler requirement. This is why we have a variety of 76″ H weapon racks available as NSN weapon racks.

We manufacture multiple standard and custom height weapon racks to stay under the fire code requirement when implementing mobile weapon rack systems.

The mobile weapon rack system is then finished with a full height steel or wood laminate end panel. The end panel covers the gear box of the carriage system.

Some arms rooms are so unique we must use Lateral Mobile Weapon Racks, which have access to weapons directly in front of the weapon racks and do not have collapsing aisles.

Company Arms Room National Stock Numbers

How many weapon racks does my unit need? It is a good question and starts with your MTOE and your arms room dimensions.

The Height x Width x Depth of your armory makes up a square or rectangle shape in most cases with a vault door, work space and issue window(s).

The most important aspect of your armory will be your IDS (intrusion detection system), which must be left unobstructed and your fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers? Yes, fire sprinklers. Law mandates that storage be no less than 18″ underneath of your fire sprinklers in the armory.

From that height in your armory we work down minus 18″.  8′-7″ (103″) or higher allows for 85″ H full height weapon racks. Combat Weapon Storage has 26 NSN Weapon Racks for 85″ H weapon racks.

7′-10″ (94″) will bring your fixed weapon rack heights down to 76″ H. Combat Weapon Storage has 14 NSN Weapon Racks for 76″ H weapon racks.

For even shorter weapon racks or stackable weapon racks, we offer 9 NSN Weapon Racks for 44″ H weapon racks. 44″ H racks are great to separate weapons when company arms rooms are shared by multiple units with smaller quantities of weapons.

Once you’ve established what height weapon rack will work within your arms room, you can go back to your MTOE to break out the type and quantity of each weapon system to determine the quantity of racks required.

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