Lateral Mobile Storage Weapon Racks are the most unique setup for weapon racks. Utilizing carriages that hold single weapon racks, carriages slide from side  to side on a track revealing additional weapon racks behind them and ultimately a fixed row of cabinets in the rear row.

Lateral Mobile Storage Weapon Racks can be 2 or 3 rows deep depending on the space available and the density of weapons requiring storage.

Combat Weapon Racks reverse bi-fold doors allow for the doors to be folded in half flush to the front of each weapon rack with the carriages sliding side to side.

When traditional high density mobile carriages for weapon racks are not available, lateral mobile storage weapon racks are outstanding alternatives.

  • Requires smaller footprint than traditional mobile carriage system
  • One access aisle required for system access
  • System utilizes the length of the space when depth is limited
  • Weapon Racks are mounted to individual carriages
  • Anti-Tip Track and carriages protects end users
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Weapon Rack doors take minimal space when doors are open
  • Tracks are fully anchored and grouted
  • Available with different weapon rack heights
  • Individually moveable carriages slide side to side
  • 1,000 lb. per linear foot carriages
  • Anti-tip track prevents carriages from over-tipping
  • Carriage clearance allows doors to remain open with reverse bi-fold doors

Lateral Mobile Storage Weapon Racks

Save space with lateral mobile carriages utilizing the length of your space when depth is at a premium. Storing rows of weapon racks in a smaller profile than traditional mobile weapon rack systems, lateral mobile storage weapon racks save space and eliminate wasted aisles between rows of racks.

Two-Deep or Three-Deep Weapon Racks

Weapon Racks can be configured two or three rows deep depending on your space available and weapon density list.

Combat Weapon Holders secure the buttstock of weapons preventing them from moving inside of weapon racks while cabinets or manually moved from side-to-side.

Combat Barrel Saddles retainer cords secure the barrel of weapons also preventing the weapon from moving while weapon racks are moved in the system.

Reverse Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors fold in half and stick out off the front corners of cabinets when the doors are open 9.5″ into the aisle space, impeding aisle access.

Reverse Bi-Fold doors fold in half on top of the face of the cabinet with minimal growth.

With the Reverse Bi-Fold door feature, Combat Weapon Racks are able to have the doors open on our cabinets with the doors folded in half on the face of the cabinet allowing for doors to be open without impeding aisle access or being forced to close weapon rack doors when moving carriages in high density systems.

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