Combat Weapon Racks quickly become lockable Mobile Weapon Carts with the addition of our mobile base. The mobile base is a separate base that bolts through 4 pre-punched holes in the corners of the weapon rack, allowing single tier Combat Weapon Racks to be transportable with ease.

Deployable Weapon Cabinet National Stock Number: (PN CWR7) 1095-01-612-1533, Stores 12 rifles & 12 pistols (can also store 6 M249s)

Using 5″ heavy duty 1,200 lb. capacity casters, lockable mobile weapon carts roll with ease inside armory facilities or even outdoors to take to the range.

Weapon Racks can be placed individually on a mobile base or we can have racks configured back to back on a single base to transport multiple cabinets at the same time.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Base properly supports the weight of the cabinet and weapons being stored.
  • Heavy Duty 5″ 1,200 lb. Casters
  • 5” Swivel Casters – 1,200 lb. Capacity
  • 2 of the 4 mobile base casters have brakes to prevent mobile weapon cart from rolling on its own
  • Handles attached to exterior of weapon racks allow easy pushing and pulling of mobile weapon cart
  • Single Weapon Rack or back to back weapon racks on mobile bases
  • 9 point locking system on weapon rack secures weapons with a pad-lock
  • Adjustable weapon rack components allow for various weapons to be stored and transported
  • Mix and match storage of weapons and gear
  • Heavy Duty Steel Mobile Base
  • 1,200 lb. 5″ casters
  • 1 set of caster brakes to prevent unnecessary weapon cart movement
  • 8 internal lock rods engaging door for security
  • Use with 50″ or 44″ H Combat Weapon Racks

Weapon Carts (Locked)

Moveable Weapon Racks become lockable mobile weapon carts with the addition of a caster base. By adding an entire base to secure a weapon rack, the support required to transport the weapon rack and the weapons inside allows weapon racks to be transported with ease inside arms rooms and outside as needed.

Heavy Duty Steel Mobile Base

Heavy Duty Steel Mobile Base bolts into the interior of the weapon rack, securing both the rack and the base and preventing disassembly without access to the secure portion of the weapon rack.

5″ Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy Duty 5″ casters, each having a 1,200 lb. weight capacity gives peace of mind to armorers that their mobile weapon cart will not fail while transporting weapons out in the field. Casters with brakes also prevent any unnecessary mobile weapon rack movements when the casters are engaged.

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