Weapon Systems: Armory Design starts with an understanding of type and quantity of weapons and gear to be stored. This information applied to the storage capacity of Combat Weapon Storage System products allows us to design, propose and implement a solution that meets your armory requirement.

The list of weapons below is a sample of many of the weapons we encounter in both the military and also with state and local law enforcement agencies. Using universal accessories, all weapons with a buttstock and a barrel are stored with Combat Weapon Holders & Combat Barrel Saddles. All heavy weapons are configured with heavy weapon bases and extra wide barrel saddles.

  • Racks configured to store rifles
  • Racks configured to store light, medium & heavy machine guns
  • Racks configured to store pistols
  • Racks configured to store optics & gear

Below is a list of the most common types of weapon systems we see in Military and Law Enforcement armories.


Sniper Rifles

Machine Guns


Mortar Systems

NVGs, NODs, Accessories

  • NVGs
  • M25 Gas Mask
  • Bayonets

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