Law Enforcement Duty Weapon Storage consists of lethal and less lethal shotguns, rifle and carbine variants as well as tasers and pistols.

The picture to the right shows a weapon storage system that is not fully modular, using a shared fixed height barrel saddle. As you can see, this is not an ideal setup for weapon storage and exposes weapons to damage by improperly supporting the weapons.

Utilizing both lockable weapon racks for secure weapon storage requirements and open weapon shelving when your room meets security and locks on the weapons are unnecessary, Combat Weapon Storage provides a fully modular weapon storage solution to meet the ever changing needs within law enforcement communities.

With a variety of rifles on the law enforcement market, you can store your rifles with optics attached with a barrel saddle with enough offset from the back panel to the top of the weapon. Rifles can be stored with the top side facing in either direction. Rifle buttstocks are  secured with weapon holders at the front and back of the buttstock, preventing lateral movement of the weapon while being stored.

Full width adjustable steel shelves, pistol pegs, taser cradles and other ancillary storage components compliment your weapon storage to find a place to store all of your stuff that goes with weapons.

  • Organize your Law Enforcement Duty Weapon Storage with fully modular weapon storage
  • Fixed Weapon Racks available at multiple heights, widths, depths and door styles.
  • Mobile Carriages maximize storage requirements when weapons are too many for your Duty Weapons.
  • Weapon Shelving stores an array of Duty Weapons in secure storage areas within stations.
  • Storage Shelving stores ammo, gear and other ancillary parts with or without locking doors.
  • Weapon Carts help stage and move weapons within the department.
  • Armory Workbenches give armorers space to work on weapons and gear.
  • Weapon Vises allow for weapons to be worked on anywhere in the station.
  • Weapon Tracking Software with bar code and RFID technology helps keep weapon inventories up to date.
  • Fully Modular weapon storage with common components
  • Site visit to survey your arms room if necessary
  • Design of arms room with Combat Weapon Storage
  • Weapon Storage delivery & on site assembly
Weapon Shelving Double Tier Rifle and Pistol Storage

Duty Weapon Storage

Law Enforcement Duty Weapon Storage should not look like the first picture above. This is just one of many help us pictures we have been sent over the years from departments who have used storage products that do not fully support law enforcement weapon arsenal.

Using a fully slotted back panel with independently adjustable barrel saddles and a pair of weapon holders to secure rifle buttstocks, Combat Weapon Storage is able to address the storage needs of Law Enforcement agencies with efficient modular weapon storage.

You can reach us by submitting our feedback form, emailing us at or calling 800-699-1191 to request more information.

Mobile Carriage Weapon Storage

What happens when your weapons are too many for your armory? We immediately start discussing a mobile carriage system for true high density weapon storage.

With both full blown High Density Weapon Storage Systems or Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage Systems, you will get more weapon storage capacity in your armory than with a standard fixed rack installation.

Open Weapon Storage v Locked Weapon Storage

Open Weapon Storage Systems do not have locks on the system. They are open to the room they are installed in. These systems are best used in controlled access rooms where entry is limited or controlled.

Locked Weapon Storage Systems lock down as individual cabinets or when dealing with a mobile storage system, the carriages lock down the entire system.

Combat Weapon Racks are available with reverse bi-folding doors with 8 internal lock rods and 1 or 2 locks for pad-locks. We also offer fully hinged doors with a 3 point locking system.