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76 Inch Weapon Racks are mid-tier height weapon racks capable of storing two tiers of M4s as well as one tier of M16s and M4s in the same rack.

76 Inch Weapon Racks are commonly used in armories with 8′ H ceilings to stay under the 18″ sprinkler clearance required by fire code.

76″ H Weapon Racks are also frequently paired with mobile carriage systems.

  • Rack Height: 76″ H
  • Rack Widths: 36″ W or 42″ W
  • Rack Depth: 15″ D
  • Rack includes 4 leveling feet & anchor holes to secure to floor
  • Rack includes slotting to bolt racks side to side and bolt to the wall or to bolt two cabinets back to back
  • 8 internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors (doors do not obstruct aisles)
  • TACOM certified, Rack meets & exceeds AR 190-11, OPNAVINST 5530.13C, DOD 5100.76-M & MCO 5530.14A
  • Racks configured to store M4s/M16s/Shotguns
  • Racks configured to store machine guns (M240/M249/MK17)
  • Racks configured to store heavy weapons (M2/MK19/Gustav)
  • Racks configured to store pistols
  • Racks configured to store gear and optics

Why 76 Inch Weapon Racks?

76″ H NSN Weapon Racks provide multiple levels of weapon storage within one vertical column and with one set of locking doors. With racks able to be store multiple tiers of weapons within the same weapon cabinet, 76″ H Weapon Racks reduce the number of doors and rack locations required to store all weapons and gear.

76″ H NSN Weapon Racks are ideal for most arms rooms as they will typically be greater than 18″ below the fire sprinklers, eliminating any concern with being in violation of fire codes.

76″ H NSN Weapon Racks are typically setup to be fixed arms room racks although they are commonly paired with mobile aisle systems for mobile weapon rack systems.

Many units are still migrating from stackable weapon racks to full height weapon racks that can store two tiers of weapons inside of the same cabinet. 76″ H NSN Weapon Racks provide two tiers of rifle storage and can also mix and match shelves, pistol storage and other ancillary gear depending on the weapons being stored and the rack configuration.

List of 76″ NSN Weapon Racks

NSN: CWR5 – 1095-01-612-1525
NSN: CWR6 – 1095-01-612-1531
NSN Rifle Carbine Weapon Cabinet
NSN: CWR26 – 1095-01-620-4535
NSN: CWR27 – 1095-01-620-4439
NSN M249 M240 Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet
NSN: CWR28 – 1095-01-620-4566
NSN: CWR29 – 1095-01-620-5607
NSN M249 M4 Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet
NSN: CWR30 – 1095-01-620-5611
NSN M4 Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet 24
NSN: CWR31 – 1095-01-620-5265
NSN M4 Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet 28
NSN: CWR32 – 1095-01-620-5586
NSN: CWR33 – 1095-01-620-5319
NSN Pistol Weapon Cabinet
NSN: CWR34 – 1095-01-620-5538
NSN: CWR35 – 1095-01-620-5605
NSN M2 MK19 Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet
NSN: CWR38 – 1095-01-620-5251
NSN: CWR39 – 1095-01-620-5260
NSN NVG Mid Tier Weapon Cabinet 76

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