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Fixed v Mobile Weapon Racks

We detailed how High Density Weapon Storage Systems are configured in a previous post: See High Density Weapon Storage blog post for more details

This post details Fixed v Mobile Weapon Racks when designing an armory.

Mobile Weapon Racks are carriage systems that collapse aisles to allow for more storage than fixed weapon racks with static aisles allow.

Fixed Weapon Racks are stationary weapon racks that get anchored to the floor. They can be configured around the perimeter of the room or setup back to back with aisles between cabinets in larger arms rooms.

How to Determine Fixed v Mobile Weapon Racks?

Arms rooms have fixed dimensions with dedicated space allocated for storage. The balance of the space needs to be accessible for aisles, workbenches, issue windows, storage shelving, staging space, etc.

Taking an arms room weapon density list, we are able to review the dimensions of the space with a site survey and put together a diagram showing how to fit all of the weapon racks in the arms room to meet storage requirements.

Reviewing the space, weapon density list and any other associated gear requiring storage, we develop a schematic for the space.

With smaller arms rooms this is typically fixed weapon racks surrounding the perimeter of the room and sometimes back to back creating rows of weapon racks.

With larger arms rooms and more weapons and gear to store, armorers may not have enough floor space for fixed weapon racks to store all weapons and gear.

If you can’t replace your old racks we can in fact add them to mobile carriages.

Fixed v Mobile Weapon Racks

Fixed Weapon Racks Layout

Fixed weapon racks required fixed aisles to access all weapons and gear. The lower the quantity of weapons and gear, the easier to store. The larger your MTOE or weapon density list, the greater the likelihood that fixed weapon racks will not meet your storage needs.

This is all dependent on the arms room floor space available for storage. In a lot of cases, fixed weapon racks will meet the storage requirement within the space with no issues.

Mobile Weapon Racks Layout

Mobile weapon racks compact fixed aisle spaces and allow for more storage in an armory than what otherwise could be accomplished with static or fixed weapon racks.

The example below shows a fixed v mobile weapon rack layout. Both layouts fit in the arms room, however the fixed weapon rack layout has limited room for future growth.

The mobile weapon rack layout allows for future growth with MTOE changes as well as room to add shelving and a workbench into the arms room.

Fixed vs. Mobile Weapon Racks Room Layout

The drawings below are examples of space planning with fixed weapon racks vs. mobile weapon racks.

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