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Honor Guard Weapon Racks

The M14 rifle was a standard issue battle rifle for the US military, replacing the M1 Garand rifle in 1958 in the US Army. The M14 has also been used at basic and advanced individual training historically for several branches of the military.

M14s are still in wide use at honor guards, color guards, drill teams, ceremonial guards and JROTC units.

Even if older honor guard weapons are permanently unable to fire, they still are required to be stored securely, meeting physical security requirements for storage of small arms.

50″ H Combat Weapon Racks are available to store both legacy M1 Garand’s and M14s.

Available in two widths, 36″ & 42″ W, the cabinets store 12 or 14 rifles.

Storing drill team weapons like Springfield M1903s, M1917 Enfields, M1 Garands and M14s in fixed or mobile transport weapon racks allows JROTC programs to securely store their weapons, meeting military physical security requirements for storage of small arms.

JROTC & ROTC units and military drill teams use these weapons for regular and inter-school competition drills.

50″ H Combat Weapon Racks are best suited as Honor Guard Weapon Racks as they can better handle the height of the longer weapons in one single tier cabinet. Taller 76″ and 85″ H cabinets are unable to store these longer weapons double tiered as M4s and M16s are able to do.

With the right height clearance inside of arms rooms, Honor Guard Weapon Racks can be stacked two cabinets high and bolted sided to side, to the wall and also anchored to the floor to meet the 500 lb requirement.

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