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Keyhole Slot Weapon Racks in arms rooms restrict armorers from having modular weapon racks that save more space & properly stores weapons

Boltless L & T storage shelving is commonly used to store file folders, boxes, binders, gear and other items on plain and slotted steel shelves. We have seen a few instances where there are inserts for rifles being used in military arms rooms.

The keyhole slot design is a carryover from L & T storage shelving with only a support rail between the cabinet corners that gives minimal opportunity for armorers to have adjustable components. Many times inside arms rooms, different weapon systems will need to be stored adjacent to one another and the lack of a fully slotted back panel forces units to purchase dedicated weapon racks to specific weapons instead of having a modular system that can mix and match weapons and gear.

Keyhole Slot Weapon Racks - Weapon Storage

A fully slotted back panel is far superior in that the back panel is structural with welded reinforcement channels preventing bowing or deflecting of the back panel and a laser cut slotting pattern with 1″ vertical adjustments for all components.

Keyhole Slot Weapon racks also feature retractable doors, which store less weapons inside of the weapon rack and take up more floor space.

The keyhole slot design of the L & T shelving upright is also seen in the legacy Space Saver Weapon Racks, with punched full width support rails used to support barrels and pistols.

There are several issues to highlight when using L & T storage shelving with inserts for rifles.

The post to post support rails offer no independent adjustability for varying height weapons. This restriction or limitation only allows for like height weapons to be stored on each tier.

Support rails rely on rivet heads which are not locked in place and can become disengaged inside of a weapon rack.

The back panels in these keyhole slot weapon racks are not structural, with any component spanning between keyhole slots bowing or deflecting under weight of storage.


Combat Weapon Rack Specifications - Slotted Back Panel


Keyhole Slot Weapon Racks - Gun Racks
Keyhole Slot Weapon Racks - Arms Rooms Weapon Storage
Keyhole Slot Weapon Racks - Weapon Storage - Armory Weapon Racks and Shelving

Support rail limits the ability to store different weapon systems side by side.

The back panel of keyhole weapon racks are not structural with only two height settings on support rail, severely restricting armorers ability to store various weapons.

Keyhole slots in the rear corners of the cabinet provide no structural integrity to the back panel and do not fully secure support rails from becoming disengaged.

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