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Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System

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We detailed how High Density Weapon Storage Systems are configured in a previous post: See High Density Weapon Storage blog post for more details

Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System include fixed weapon racks installed on a stationary platform with one or two rows of individual weapon racks on carriages that slide from side to side with in-floor anti-tip track in front of the stationary platform.

This unique configuration allows for narrow depth rooms lacking the depth for a traditional Mobile Weapon Rack System, which require space to enter aisles whereas a Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage system only requires space in front of the system for access and not aisles in between rows of weapon racks.

Combat Weapon Racks reverse bi-fold doors allow for the doors to be folded in half flush to the front of each weapon rack with the carriages sliding side to side.

When traditional high density mobile carriages for weapon racks are not available, lateral mobile storage weapon racks work great to save space and provide more storage in arms rooms.

Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System - Sliding High Density Armory Storage Systems
Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System -Sliding Armory Storage - Weapon Storage System
Weapon Storage Solutions - Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System - Weapon Storage Solutions - Sliding Weapon Storage

Lateral Mobile Weapon Storage System – Features

  • Requires smaller footprint than traditional mobile carriage system
  • One access aisle required for system access
  • System utilizes the length of the space when depth is limited
  • Weapon Racks are mounted to individual carriages
  • Anti-Tip Track and carriages protects end users
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Weapon Rack doors take minimal space when doors are open
  • Tracks are fully anchored and grouted
  • Available with different weapon rack heights
Combat Weapon Storage Systems have designed company arms rooms,
portable arms rooms, joint armories and special forces armories
for all the branches of military.

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