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The NSN Weapon Cart 24 stores up to 24 assorted rifles.

CWR50 includes 24 pairs of Combat Weapon Holders & 24 Combat Barrel Saddles with retainer cords to stage and transport 24 rifles.

  • Weapon Cart Capacity: 24 assorted rifles (M16, M4, Shotgun, AK47)
  • Weapon Holders also support M240s, M249 SAWs, MK17s, M110s and other like crew served weapons
  • Secure transport handles on both sides of cart are an integral part of the weapon cart construction, fixed in place
  • Casters including 2 casters with brakes
  • Caster Capacity 1,200 lbs per caster
  • Weapon Cart does not lock weapons
  • Slotted weapon cart base allows for weapon holders to secure the buttstock of weapons
  • Side panels close off ends of weapon cart
  • NSN: 1095-01-620-5551
    • PN: CWR50
    • 52″ H x 39″ W x 28″ D
    • Heavy Duty Casters with Brakes
Weapon Storage Cart for NVG Storage and MILCON Armories
NSN Weapon Cart 24 – Configurations
CWR50 Weapon Cart 1095-01-620-5551

CWR50 is our NSN Weapon Cart 24, designed to stage and transport up to 24 assorted rifles. Storage of rifles in our open transport cart is not secure. CWR50 is meant to be used in secure arms rooms to temporarily store and also transport weapons.

 For more information:  Combat Weapon Storage – NSN Weapon Rack – CWR50

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