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Secure Weapon Carts allow for weapons to be transported safely and securely.

Transporting weapons in and out of secure facilities presents a physical security issue for law enforcement, military, rifle ranges, pawn shops, shooting clubs, gun shops and many other businesses storing weapons.

Secure Weapon Carts include a full transport base with four 5″ H casters, two of which include swivels and brakes to control movement of the secure weapon cart.

With heavy duty carry handles, this allows the cart to be transported easily and rapidly.

CWR7 NSN 1095-01-612-1533 is a pre-configured secure weapon cart configured for rifles (M16/M4/Shotgun) and pistols available through the federal supply system.

Secure weapon carts can be configured as individual Combat Weapon Racks on a single base or back to back on a double base. 

Utilizing 44″ H Combat Weapon Racks for standard rifles (M16/M4/Shotguns/M249s) or configured with pistol pegs for pistols, individual Combat Weapon Racks are transformed into secure weapon transport carts.

For taller weapon systems, we offer a 50″ H Combat Weapon Rack that allows for the transport of most sniper rifles and taller crew served weapons.

Weapon Racks can be configured for rifles, machine guns, pistols, with shelves or a combination of each as required.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Base properly supports the weight of the cabinet and weapons being stored.
  • Heavy Duty 5″ 1,200 lb. capacity casters
  • 2 of the 4 mobile base casters have brakes to prevent mobile weapon cart from rolling on its own
  • Handles attached to exterior of weapon racks allow easy pushing and pulling of mobile weapon cart
  • Single Weapon Rack or back to back weapon racks on mobile bases
  • 9 point locking system on weapon rack secures weapons with a pad-lock
  • Adjustable weapon rack components allow for various weapons to be stored and transported
  • Mix and match storage of weapons and gear
  • Heavy Duty Steel Mobile Base
  • 1,200 lb. 5″ casters
  • 1 set of caster brakes to prevent unnecessary weapon cart movement
  • 8 internal lock rods engaging door for security
  • Use with 50″ or 44″ H Combat Weapon Racks

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