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Weapon Rack Ammo Storage

Ammunition storage in arms rooms is one of the trickiest storage applications we encounter. Ammo storage regulations vary greatly with magazines stored separate from weapons in many arms rooms. In some cases, ammo is stored in ammo cans and in others ammo is stored loaded into magazines.

Weapon Rack Ammo Storage allows armorers to securely store magazines with weapons inside of Combat Weapon Racks. Customized narrow depth magazine shelves store 30 round Magpul PMAGs in US DOD arms rooms.

Armorers can also choose to store magazines separately in shelving, storage bins or modular drawer cabinets. Each application gives flexibility and is space permitting as each arms room varies in size and mission requirements.

Available in 3 heights with assigned National Stock Numbers, Combat Weapon Racks can be configured as stacked weapon racks, mid-tier height or full height to meet mission needs in critical spaces.

Ammo Storage Shelving

Boxed ammunition stored on storage shelves stores ammo in bulk. As ammo is one of the heaviest items being stored on steel shelving, shelf weight capacities need to be observed to make sure ammo weights do not exceed the usable weight capacity of each shelf level.

The more boxes of ammo stacked high and deep per shelf level, the more weight the shelf will carry. This requires adding more shelf levels in each section of shelving storing ammunition to spread out the weight capacity.

Weapon Rack Ammo Storage

In some arms rooms, there are modular drawer cabinets below issue windows utilized for magazine storage and distribution. This allows the armorer to store magazines in compartmentalized drawers and effectively locked down separately from the weapons.

Drawers should utilize heavy duty ball bearing glides with a weight capacity of 400 lbs per drawer to make sure the weight of the stored magazines doesn’t overwhelm the drawer.

Too much weight in each drawer will cause the drawer to sag and make opening single drawers difficult with the drawer sagging and hitting the next drawer down in the modular drawer cabinet.

Bulk Ammo Storage Shelving

Bulk Storage Shelving has heavier weight capacities on each shelf level. This allows armorers to store ammo in bulk quantities, whether in ammo cans or possibly even on pallets.

Bulk storage shelving is manufactured with open uprights but is secured to meet DOD physical security requirements with welded wire cage doors and side enclosures, effectively turning sections of bulk storage shelving into caged off storage heavy duty ammo storage systems.

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