NSN NVG Storage Cabinet 85

CWR20 & CWR21 model Combat Weapon Racks store 11 tiers of NVGs with full width steel adjustable shelves. Each rack features a fully slotted back panel allowing for adjustment of shelves on 1″ vertical increments for optimal placement.

Because our shelves are full width adjustable shelves, you are not limited to storing NVGs in small, space restrictive plastic bins.

Full width steel shelves provide greater cubic feet of storage per shelf level over plastic bins as shelves are not only full width but also full depth whereas 6 total 6″ plastic bins across a 36″ W weapon rack only provide 26.25″ of total clear width in 4.75″ bin increments. This severely limits the ability to get full usage of your storage density. The depth of the plastic bins are only 10.25″ D, also prohibiting storage capacity with restrictive fixed dimensions.

Full width adjustable steel shelves are also available in several of our other NSN Weapon Rack configurations mixed with rifles, crew serves and machine guns including CWR8, CWR10, CWR12, CWR16, CWR22, CWR24, CWR26/7, CWR30, CWR31 & CWR34/5.

  • Rack Capacity: 11 full width adjustable steel shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable on 1″ vertical increments for optimal placement
  • Rack includes 4 leveling feet & anchor holes to secure to floor
  • Rack includes slotting to bolt racks side to side and bolt to the wall or to bolt two cabinets back to back
  • Rack components include 11 full width & depth adjustable steel shelves
  • 8 internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors (doors do not obstruct aisles)
  • TACOM certified, Rack meets & exceeds AR 190-11, OPNAVINST 5530.13C, DOD 5100.76-M & MCO 5530.14A
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-2487
    • PN: CWR20
    • 85″ H x 36″ W x 15″ D
    • 9 point locking system
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-2504
    • PN: CWR21
    • 85″ H x 36″ W x 15″ D
    • 10 point locking system

CWR20 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2487
CWR21 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2504

CWR20 & CWR21 are NVG Storage Cabinets featuring 11 full width and full depth adjustable steel shelves. Because we utilize full width adjustable steel shelves, you will get maximum storage density in this weapon rack.

Storing 11 tiers of various NVGs, NODs, cases, bayonets or other ancillary armory items that require secure storage is best accomplished with heavy duty adjustable steel shelves.

 For more information:  Combat Weapon Storage – NSN Weapon Rack – CWR20 + CWR21

CWR21 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2504

Model CWR21 is the same cabinet configuration as model CWR20 with one change, the doors on the model CWR21 have 2 pad-lock hasps, giving this weapon rack a 10 point locking system.

CWR20 & CWR21 Configuration Possibilities

AN/PVS-14: 308 total
AN/PVS-7: 110 total

Additional Items stored in NVG Storage Cabinets:

  • NOD bags
  • M150 Gas Masks
  • Small Pelican Cases
  • Bayonets
  • Thermal Sights
  • Detached M203s & M320s
  • Detached M68 CCOs
  • Spare Barrel Bags

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