NSN ODA Crew Serve M4 Weapon Cabinet

CWR22 & CWR23 model Combat Weapon Racks store 6 total crew served weapons with hooks for spare barrel bags or suppressors, 6 SOPMOD M4s, 6 M9s on pistol pegs and has 4 narrow depth steel magazine shelves. Each rack features a fully slotted back panel allowing for adjustment of barrel saddles on 1″ vertical increments for optimal placement.

CWR22 & CWR23 includes:

  • 2 slotted adjustable base shelves
  • 1 bracket for 2nd tier of vertical rifle storage
  • 12 pairs of Combat Weapon Holders
  • 12 Combat Barrel Saddles
  • 6 pegs
  • 2  / 12-capacity pistol peg strip
  • 4 narrow depth magazine shelves

Because our weapon holders and barrel saddles are adjustable and universal, these racks can be configured to store the following weapons: M249 SAW, M240B, M110, MK13, MK17, SOPMOD M4s & M9s on pistol pegs with spare barrel bags or suppressors stored on pegs.

  • CWR22 Rack Capacity: 6 Crew Serves (M249, M240, M110, MK13, MK17) + 6 SOPMOD M4s & 6 M9s
  • Pegs store spare barrel bags or weapon suppressors
  • Rack includes 4 leveling feet & anchor holes to secure to floor
  • Rack includes slotting to bolt racks side to side and bolt to the wall or to bolt two cabinets back to back
  • CWR22 Rack components include 12 individually adjustable barrel saddles, 12 pairs of adjustable weapon holders, 6 pegs for spare barrels or suppressors, 4 narrow depth magazine shelves and 1 pistol peg strip for up to 12 pistols
  • 8 internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors (doors do not obstruct aisles)
  • TACOM certified, Rack meets & exceeds AR 190-11, OPNAVINST 5530.13C, DOD 5100.76-M & MCO 5530.14A
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-2507
    • PN: CWR22
    • 85″ H x 36″ W x 15″ D
    • 9 point locking system
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-2511
    • PN: CWR23
    • 85″ H x 36″ W x 15″ D
    • 10 point locking system

CWR22 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2507
CWR23 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2511

CWR22 & CWR23 are ODA Crew Serve M4 Weapon Cabinets featuring storage for 6 crew served weapons, 6 SOPMOD M4s and 6 M9s. This rack is optimal for Army Special Forces Groups looking to store weapons by ODA as weapons can be mixed and matched based on your MTOE.

Paired with CWR24, CWR22 & CWR23 will store all your crew served weapons and M4s in just two racks. M2s, Carl Gustavs & MK19s are best stored using CWR36 to complete heavy weapon storage for ODA dets.

 For more information:  Combat Weapon Storage – NSN Weapon Rack – CWR22 + CWR23

CWR23 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-2511

CWR23 is the same cabinet configuration as model CWR22 with one change, the doors on the model CWR2 have 2 pad-lock hasps, giving this weapon rack a 10 point locking system.

CWR22 & CWR23 Configuration Possibilities

6 Crew Served Weapons (M249 SAW, M240B/L, M110, MK13, MK17) & 6 SOPMOD M4s with up to 24 M9s

CWR22 & CWR23 are configured to store M4s with SOPMOD attachments and crew served weapons with bi-pods attached to the weapons.

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