NSN Rifle Handgun Weapon Cabinet 28-28

CWR3 & CWR4 model Combat Weapon Racks store two tiers of 14 rifles vertically (28 total) with two pistol peg strips to also store 28 pistols in the same cabinet. Each rack features a fully slotted back panel allowing for adjustment of barrel saddles on 1″ vertical increments for optimal placement.

CWR3 & CWR4 includes 2 slotted adjustable base shelves, 1 bracket for a 2nd tier of vertical rifle storage, 28 pairs of Combat Weapon Holders, 24 Combat Barrel Saddles and 2 14 capacity pistol peg strips. These components will allow for the storage of 28 rifles and 28 pistols.

Because our weapon holders and barrel saddles are adjustable and universal, these racks can be configured to store the following weapons: M16s, M4s, Shotguns, AK47s, M249s with spare barrel bags hanging on the pistol pegs, MK18s and other like rifles.

CWR3 & CWR4 can also store one tier of 7 M240s with spare barrel bags and 14 M4s & M9s above.

This is an incredible diverse weapon rack given the adjustable components and the full height 85″ H cabinet.

  • Rack Capacity: 28 assorted rifles & 28 pistols on pistol pegs
  • Pistol pegs store pistols between barrels of rifles
  • Rack includes 4 leveling feet & anchor holes to secure to floor
  • Rack includes slotting to bolt racks side to side and bolt to the wall or to bolt two cabinets back to back
  • Rack components include 28 individually adjustable barrel saddles, 28 pairs of weapon holders and 2 14 capacity pistol peg strips
  • 8 internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors (doors do not obstruct aisles)
  • TACOM certified, Rack meets & exceeds AR 190-11, OPNAVINST 5530.13C, DOD 5100.76-M & MCO 5530.14A
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-1512
    • PN: CWR3
    • 85″ H x 42″ W x 15″ D
    • 9 point locking system
  • NSN: 1095-01-612-1518
    • PN: CWR4
    • 85″ H x 42″ W x 15″ D
    • 10 point locking system

CWR3 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-1512
CWR4 Weapon Rack 1095-01-612-1518

CWR3 & CWR4 are NSN Rifle Handgun Weapon Cabinet featuring a 28-28 rifle-pistol capacity. Because the pistols are stored on pistol pegs between the barrels of rifles and not in plastic bins, we can store two tiers of 14 M16s (28 total) and 28 pistols without losing space between tiers of rifles.

Storing 2 vertical tiers of M16s would not allow for plastic bins to be stored in between the tiers of rifles and would require an additional rack to store the pistols.

 For more information:  Combat Weapon Storage – NSN Weapon Rack – CWR3 + CWR4

NSN Rifle Handgun Weapon Cabinet
CWR4 1095-01-612-1518

Model CWR4 is the same cabinet configuration as model CWR3 with one change, the doors on the model CWR4 have 2 pad-lock hasps, giving this weapon rack a 10 point locking system.

CWR3 & CWR4 Configuration Possibilities

28 M4/M16s + 28 M9s on pistol pegs (any combination of 28 M4 and/or M16s)
Store M4s & M16s with M203s and all optics attached.
M4s with optics attached to the side of the rail require weapons to be double spaced, reducing storage capacity in half.

14 M249 SAWs with spare barrel bags,

7 M240s with spare barrel bags, 14 M4s + 14 M9s above

28 Shotguns
28 AK47s

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