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Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems

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We detailed how High Density Weapon Storage Systems are configured in a previous post: See High Density Weapon Storage blog post for more details

This post is explicitly for Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems.

Mobile carriage systems are available as manual, mechanical assist (hand crank) or electric carriage systems.

  • Manual systems have a fixed handle and are dragged from side to side. These types of systems should not be used in armories.
  • Mechanical Assist (hand crank) mobile carriage systems are the most common type of system as they have no cost of ownership and are predominantly maintenance free.
  • Electric mobile carriage systems are typically only used in larger projects that need advanced safety features or for PIN code access for specific access aisles. These systems require maintenance contracts to have the electronic components serviced and operational.

Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems

Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems differ from the more traditional Mechanical assist handles to drive carriages.

With the push of a button, carriages can be opened and closed by a controller in place of a handle. Power is transmitted between carriages with pantograph arms above storage.

Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems can be as simple as having a left or right button on a carriage controller or they can have PIN code access for higher security level requirements.

The ability to protect users within the system and weapons and gear within adds additional safety and security inside of arms rooms.

Combat Weapon Storage products including Weapon Shelving and Combat Weapon Racks are both available to be installed on electric mobile carriage systems.

Electric High Density Weapon Storage – Safety Features

Safety Features

  • Infrared foot-level safety in each access aisle – this feature will stop a carriage from moving if a person or object breaks the infrared safety eye
  • Aisle-Entry People counters – this optional feature counts armorers as they enter access aisles, ensuring carriages can not be collapsed with a person inside of the aisle
  • Aisle LED Guard Technology – this is an advanced optional feature that passively and continuously detects the whole floor surface footprint of an aisle to detect for safety within an electric carriage system
  • User-Friendly controls with LED visual backlit indicator display and optional PIN code control for secure access
Safety Infrared Aisle Features - Weapon Storage

Electric High Density Weapon Storage – Shelving Options

Mix and match pistol pegs and storage shelves with rifles.

Weapon Shelving for double tier rifle storage. Fully modular to meet all weapon systems.

Sensitive serialized items can also be stored securely within electric mobile storage systems.

Pros & Cons of Electric High Density Weapon Storage Systems

There are pros and cons to any high density weapon storage system, adding an electric system in the mix changes how the system is accessed and maintained.

  • Ease of use – push button access to aisles
  • Enhanced Safety features including infrared foot-level safety beams in each access aisles, people counters
  • Adjustable speeds and braking
  • Enhanced security options featuring PIN code access to aisles
  • Auxiliary automatic built-in battery backup in the event of a power outage
  • Manual ratchet override in the event of electronics or total power failure
  • System purchase price is higher than a mechanical assist operated carriage system
  • Cost of ownership – like a vehicle, these systems have parts that require maintenance over time to keep them up and operational
Combat Weapon Storage Systems have been designed in company arms rooms,
portable arms rooms, joint armories and special forces armories for all the branches of military.

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