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Federal Fiscal Year End Quarter 4

This government fiscal year end brings a flurry of purchases, including for weapon racks for arms rooms. There is intense pressure to spend allocated funding before the purchase deadline’s pass.

Combat Weapon Storage is a GSA Certified Contractor, supplying GSA Storage Systems from various manufacturers.
What does this mean?

Schedules, also known as Federal Supply Schedules, and Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), are long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. Schedules make buying easy and efficient with the use of modern technology to connect government buyers and industry.

Schedule policy and procedures are guided by two major governing regulatory documents:

  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) – Pursuant to 41 U.S.C. 152(3), FAR Part 38 prescribes policies and procedures that GSA must follow in managing the Schedules program. FAR Subpart 8.4 prescribes ordering procedures for federal agencies when placing orders for supplies and services under Schedules.
  • General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM) – GSAM covers GSA acquisition policies and practices.
Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Before awarding a GSA Schedule contract, GSA contracting officers (COs) determine that the prices of supplies, fixed-price services, and rates for services offered at hourly rates are fair and reasonable. In addition to the pricing factors considered above, we compare the prices or discounts that a company offers the government with the best prices or discounts that the company offers to its own commercial customers – commonly known as “most favored customer” pricing.

Since GSA has already determined that prices under GSA Schedule contracts are fair and reasonable ordering activities do not need to make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing, except for DOD and NASA (see agency deviations to FAR 8.404(d)). Additionally, according to FAR 8.405-2(d), the ordering contracting officer must conduct an overall price reasonableness determination when buying services under Schedules. This determination ensures the level of effort and mix of labor are appropriate to accomplish the task.

Thus buyers do not need to obtain “cost or pricing data” or “information other than cost or pricing data” to place an order or establish a GSA Schedule BPA. The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA) sets forth the policy that discourages agencies from obtaining cost or pricing data when a commercial item is being acquired.

To determine fair and reasonable pricing, the GSA contracting officer may consider many factors, including pricing on competitor contracts, historical pricing, and currently available pricing from other sources, corporate benchmarks, etc.

As part of the pricing review, the offeror must submit:

  • Complete Price Proposal Template
  • Written justification for offered pricing
  • Mechanism for future potential pricing adjustments
  • Proof that the price is fair and reasonable (The GSA contracting officer will negotiate and make the final determination on fair & reasonable pricing)

Available in multiple heights, widths & depths, Combat Weapon Racks have a solution for your space and weapon density list.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we eliminate fixed aisles between static weapon racks which allows for higher storage capacity.

Combat Armory Workbenches allow armorers to work on weapons in the arms room or anywhere the  Workbench is installed.

Weapon Tracking Software provides total control over inventory with chain of custody control, bar code & RFID tracking, search, audit, inventory & the ability to print forms on demand.

Integrating Shelving Storage Systems into your space will increase weapon storage density and provide maximum storage capacity.

Weapon Cages will separate secure materials/areas from non-secure materials/areas of your space.

We highly recommend trying to set up a site survey to have your space measured to ensure any proposed storage solutions will fit in your space.

As a woman-owned small business, Combat Weapon Storage is eligible for set-asides and sole source awards under the Women-Owned Small Business Program. FAR Clauses 52.219-29 & 52.219-30 explicitly allow contracting officers to award contracts with limited competition.

With 50 current National Stock Numbers, Combat Weapon Storage offers various weapon rack heights and widths to outfit armories with small arms racks available through standard DLA Supply channels. These racks ordered through the supply system do not go through local contracting squadrons, streamlining acquisition for units.

Turnkey systems are also available using DLA’s Tailored Logistics Support Program Special Operations Equipment. The DLA TLS contracts available allow units to MIPR/MILSTRIP funds for acquisition. There is a cutoff date prior to the end of the fiscal year to use the DLA TLS SOE program.

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