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Firearm Evidence Room Storage requires the ability to store short and long term evidence, including long arms and pistols in many shapes and sizes. Combat Weapon Storage offers both locking weapon racks and Combat Weapon Shelving for secure Firearm Evidence Room Storage systems.

Firearm Evidence Room Storage in property & evidence have responsibilities to store various rifle types and sizes which will benefit from our system modularity. Individually adjustable barrel saddles and a fully slotted back panel allows components to be adjusted without regard to the size of the weapon.

Pistols can be stored boxed on shelves or broken out on pistol pegs and mixed with long guns.

Evidence Room Storage

Managing weapons in property and evidence rooms requires an adjustable weapon storage system that can accept many different weapon types. Confiscated firearms can be variations of  sub-machine guns, carbines, rifles, rifles with collapsible stock, sniper rifles or larger weapons such as machine guns.

Weapon Shelving as single or double sided sections can store a large quantity of weapons in Property & Evidence Departments utilizing double tiered weapon storage for long guns. In larger firearm vaults, weapon shelving can be paired with mobile carriages to create a high density weapon storage system.

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Firearm Evidence Room Storage 

Firearm Evidence Room Storage inside of law enforcement agencies range from several to many weapons being stored for court dates, destruction dates or to be transferred to a state or federal department of firearms division. There are evidence storage statutes for weapons that will vary by state. Tracking these weapons and placing alerts on them in software allows evidence technicians to have full control of their inventory at all times.

Whatever size your firearm evidence storage requirement may be, we have a solution to meet that requirement. Free-standing weapon shelving as well as mobile weapon shelving systems capture and store a large quantity of weapons.

Your quantity of weapons and floor space available will allow us to design a firearm Evidence Storage System that best meets your department’s needs and to also track those weapons with RFID or Bar Code Weapon Tracking Software.

Weapon Tracking for Firearm Evidence Room Storage

Tracking weapons inside of Firearm Evidence Rooms with weapon tracking software gives a full audit trail, allowing departments to have a peace of mind, knowing where a weapon has been since it was checked into evidence.

Our weapon tracking software can also be configured to track duty weapons for your law enforcement agencies with separate security protocols to keep sensitive evidence information only available to software users with separate security permissions.

Weapon Tracking Software is available as a full blown passive RFID solution with passive RFID tags and also as a bar code system. RFID or radio frequency identification allows for weapons to be inventoried in a fraction of time that a manual inventory takes. Bar codes require a line of sight for the scanner to scan the bar code, but still give good tracking ability.

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