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How Many Weapon Racks Do I Need?

How to Build an Armory

The simple math of dividing the number weapons into weapon rack storage capacities will begin the process of an arms room layout, letting you know how many weapon racks do I need.

Keeping the 18″ fire sprinkler clearance in mind, weapon racks directly under sprinklers must meet this requirement to be approved by the base fire inspector. The overall height of weapon racks is a critical aspect that needs to be carefully considered both for weapon storage capacity and to meet building codes.

Reverse Bi-Fold Doors on Combat Weapon Racks help reduce wasted aisle space in arms rooms and offer increased weapon rack storage capacity.

Combat Weapon Storage offers 36″ W Weapon Racks & 42″ W Weapon Racks, as well as multiple weapon rack heights, 44″ H, 76″ H & 85″ H.

The height and size of each weapon determines how many weapons can be stored inside a Combat Weapon Rack.

  • 36″ W Combat Weapon Racks have a weapon rack storage capacity of 12 rifles or 6 weapons with bi-pods or SOPMOD M4s or 4 heavy machine guns
  • 42″ W Combat Weapon Racks have a weapon rack storage capacity of 14 rifles or 6 weapons with bi-pods or SOPMOD M4s or 4 heavy machine guns
  • Rifles (M4/M16/Shotguns/AK47), take one storage space
  • M4s with side mounted optics require two storage spaces
  • Weapons with bi-pods (M240/M249/etc), require two storage spaces
  • Machine Guns (MK19, M2, Carl Gustav), require 3 storage spaces and a heavy weapon base for proper storage
  • Weapon systems can be stored together as needed

44″ H Combat Weapon Racks support all rifles, pistols and M249 SAWs.

  • Supports single tier storage of all rifles
  • Longer Sniper Rifles can be stored in a 50″ H Combat Weapon Rack or a 76″ H Combat Weapon Rack
  • 44″ H Weapon Rack is stackable and also transportable.

76″ H Combat Weapon Racks allow for some weapons to be stored double tiered inside depending on the height of each weapon.

  • Double Tier carbines with room for storage shelves
  • One tier of full height rifles (M16s/Shotguns) & one tier of carbines

85″ H Combat Weapon Racks allow for double tiering of rifles as well as mixing and matching of many different weapon systems and configurations.

  • Double tier M16s & Shotguns
  • Double tier M4s with M9s and multiple storage shelves
  • Store M240s with M4s or shelves above
  • Store M2/MK19s with M4s or shelves above

When comparing Full Height Weapon Racks to Stackable Weapon Racks, you’ll quickly see that optimizing the space storage capacity of a vertical column allows for many configurations with taller weapon rack systems.

Offering many weapon rack National Stock Numbers, most of our weapon racks can be ordered through the federal supply system with GCSS-A, Fed Log easily.

Fixed or Stationary Weapon Racks are free-standing. They can be configured side to side, back to back, against a wall or in the middle of your arms room. This is the most typical layout for weapon racks in arms rooms when the armory is large enough to store all weapons and gear.

When arms rooms are not large enough to store all weapons and gear, or when you want more workable floor space, Mobile Weapon Rack Systems put weapon racks on mobile carriages, compacting the amount of fixed aisle space to store weapon racks in the arms room.

On site assembly of weapon racks insures your weapon racks are installed level, with leveling feet and anchor holes to attach the weapon rack to your slab. All Combat Weapon Racks are also pre-punched to bolt side to side and back to back with nuts, bolts and washers. Bolting weapon racks into the wall keeps the weapon racks square after the racks are anchored to the floor.

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