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M12 Small Arms Storage Rack

M12 Small Arms Storage Racks 1095-00-407-0674 for M16s originated during the Vietnam War with the NSN issued by the Army in 1970. Almost 50 years later, this welded angle iron weapon rack with hinged lock bars is still in use throughout the US Armed Forces as many US DOD arms rooms still have the old welded M12 Small Arms Storage Racks.

The M12 small arms storage racks were originally intended for M16s without any optics attached. As military units began fielding M4 carbines, the M12 racks required modification, cutting and grinding the racks for shorter weapons. Another modification required tightening the dividers between rifle buttstocks. As the M12 weapon rack does not have doors, weapons can not be fully enclosed and optics stored attached to M4s are left exposed.

M12 Small Arms Storage Racks do not feature anchor holes, so to meet the 500 lb physical security requirement, the weapon racks are chained together with chains running through eyelets installed in arms room floors and walls.

M12 Small Arms Storage Racks are available for other weapon systems, but are all welded in form with no ability to mix and match weapons.

Transitioning from older style weapon racks to fully modular high density weapon storage systems like Combat Weapon Racks, armorers are now able to have versatility to store different weapon systems in the same weapon rack. Storage shelves, pistol pegs and spare barrels can also be stored together, allowing weapon systems to be stored complete and not in different locations.

Weapons and gear are fully enclosed within Combat Weapon Racks with reverse bi-fold doors securing the weapon cabinet. National Stock Numbers for various heights and widths and weapon storage configurations give armorers an assortment of combinations necessary to design an arms room.

Full height and mid-tier height weapon racks have been replacing the Vietnam era M12 Small Arms Storage Racks as armorers discover the ability to store two vertical tiers of rifles in the same weapon cabinet without stacking weapon racks.

Combat Weapon Racks are pre-punched with threaded leveling feet and anchor holes, eliminating chains running through weapon racks and the need to have eyelets installed inside of arms rooms. Combat Weapon Racks are also pre-punched to bolt racks side to side, back to back and to the wall where applicable.

M12 Small Arms Storage Rack

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