Military Gun Storage

We detailed Weapon Rack Storage Capacity in a previous post: See Weapon Rack Storage Capacity blog post for more details

This post details Military Gun Storage when designing an armory. With all the different weapon systems in use within the Department of Defense, we want to highlight the most commonly stored weapons in our product.

Combat Weapon Racks feature universal weapon holders and adjustable barrel saddles that allow for the storage of a vast multitude of weaponry. All weapons with a buttstock and a barrel are stored vertically and laterally with a pair of Combat Weapon Holders and a single Combat Barrel Saddle. Barrel saddles are available with or without retainer cords.

Heavy weapons are supported with a heavy weapon base and an extra wide barrel saddle to support the larger diameter of the barrels.

Military Gun Storage with the wide variety of weapons being stores allows Combat Weapon Storage to highlight a modular approach to storing weapons fielded by arms rooms.

Military Rifle Storage

M4s haver steadily over time replaced M16s as the primary rifle within the military. With a collapsible stock, the M4 can be stored above larger weapons in the same weapon rack or by itself, single or double tiered in M4 NSN Weapon Racks.

M16s were once the backbone of the US military. As they dwindle in numbers, M16s still have a home in military arms rooms and we have several M16 NSN Weapon Rack configurations available.

Shotguns are commonly found in arms rooms with lethal, less lethal for law enforcement, breachers, shorties and many other variants stored single or double tier in Shotgun NSN Weapon Racks.

MP5s are submachine guns with over 100 variants. This is one of the most widely used submachine guns by military and law enforcement. MP5s can be stored single or double tiered in MP5 NSN Weapon Racks.

SCARs are available in both MK16 and MK17 variants with the MK17 in wide use by US Special Operations Forces. MK17s can be stored single or double tiered in SCAR NSN Weapon Racks.

AK47s are available in many variants including with fixed stocks, plastic or wood stocks, a metal folding stock and with or without the bayonet. AK47s can be stored single or double tiered in AK47 NSN Weapon Racks.

Military Machine Gun Storage

M2 .50 caliber machine guns are one of the harder weapons to store due to their size and the spare barrels. With a weight exceeding 70 lbs, we have a heavy weapon base to support and angle this weapon away from the front of our M2 NSN Weapon Rack.

MK19s are another heavy weapon that requires considerable spacing and weight capacity to support inside of weapon racks. This belt fed 40mm grenade launcher can also be stored with MK47s inside a MK19 NSN Weapon Rack.

M240s are 7.62 mm belt fed machine guns that appear in several variants, but most commonly as an M240B. M240s are stored double spaced inside the M240 NSN Weapon Rack to allow for the spacing of the bi-pod attached to the weapon.

M249 SAWs are 5.56 mm light machine guns which also require double spacing inside of weapon racks due to the bi-pod. M249s are stored with their spare barrels in our M249 NSN Weapon Rack.

Military Pistol Storage

Beretta M9s have been the standard 9mm pistol for the US Military, adopted in 1985. M9 pistols are stored both in dedicated M9 NSN Weapon Racks for just pistols and also mixed together with rifles like M16sM4sShotguns as well as with heavy weapons when space allows so.

The M17 (full size) pistol and the M18 (compact) pistol are slated to start replacing Beretta M9s in DOD arms rooms in November of 2017. M17 NSN Weapon Racks include pistol pegs that can store the M17 or M18 pistol with no changes necessary to the rack or the pistol pegs from racks that also store M9s.

Military Sniper Rifle Storage

M110s are 7.62 mm sniper rifles currently in use by US Army, however they are due to be replaced by the HK G28. M110s are typically stored with suppressors. M110s are stored double spaced inside the M110 NSN Weapon Rack to allow for the spacing of the bi-pod attached to the weapon.

M24 Sniper Weapon System is the military and police version of the Remington Model 700 rifle. The M24 is one of the taller sniper rifles and are typically not double tiered in M24 NSN Weapon Racks.

M107s are 7.62 mm high powered sniper rifles developed by Barrett Firearms Company. M107s are the tallest rifle we see inside of arms rooms and are stored double spaced inside the M107 NSN Weapon Rack to allow for the spacing of the bi-pod attached to the weapon.

Military Mortar Systems Storage

M224s are 60 mm lightweight mortars that are stored detached from the base plate inside of the M224 NSN Weapon Rack.

M252s are 81 mm medium weight mortars that are also stored detached from the base plate inside of the M252 NSN Weapon Rack.

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