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APC9K Weapon Racks

The APC9K is the first new submachine gun for the US Army since the M3 grease gun from World War II. The contract for the APC9K was issued by the US Army in April, 2019.

With the new APC9Ks being deployed to Army units, we are already receiving calls how to properly store this new subgun.

Given the compact size of this new subgun, Combat Weapon Storage Systems fully slotted back panel and individually adjustable barrel saddles allow for reconfiguration of barrel saddle height settings for efficient APC9K weapon storage. Utilizing various height weapon racks, APC9Ks can be stored vertically, 12 or 14 weapons per vertical tier with up to 3 tiers of the subguns in our 85″ H full height Combat Weapon Racks.

Adjustable weapon holders work to secure the front and back of each weapon buttstock properly storing the APC9K with individually adjustable barrel saddles.

APC9K weapon racks are available via local purchase, through assigned National Stock Numbers and other purchasing methods to acquire Combat Weapon Racks.

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