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Combat Weapon Storage Systems have been designed in company arms rooms, portable arms rooms, joint armories, and special forces armories for all branches of military as well as all branches of law enforcement. We offer site visits, proposals with CAD drawings, and final assembly of the weapon racks if required. Our install teams have installed projects across the country, in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa & Asia.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we eliminate fixed aisles between static weapon racks which allows for higher storage capacity.

Combat Armory Workbenches allow armorers to work on weapons in the arms room or anywhere the  Workbench is installed.

Pistols can be stored by themselves in a rack full of pistols or mixed in with rifles or crew-serve weapons to blend them into your weapon rack system when your storage capacity requirement is low.

Lateral Mobile Storage Systems utilize carriages that hold single weapon racks. Our carriages slide from side-to-side on a track revealing additional weapon racks behind them & ultimately a fixed row of cabinets in the rear row.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems have designed
armories for all branches of military.
Let us help you build, organize and expand your
arms room to be ready for action.

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