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Mobile Weapon Storage Systems

How to Build an Armory


Mobile Weapon Storage Systems conceptually are designed to eliminate fixed aisles between static rows of weapon racks or shelving and increase storage capacity by doing so. This entails installing track across the width of the armory space being utilized for storage, placing rolling, movable carriages on top of the track and then mounting weapon racks and shelving on top of those carriages. The carriages can then be moved from side to side with a 3 spoke ergonomic handle for aisle access.

Mobile carriage systems are available as manualmechanical assist (hand crank) or electric carriage systems.

  • Manual systems have a fixed handle and are dragged from side to side. These types of systems should not be used in armories.
  • Mechanical Assist (hand crank) mobile carriage systems are the most common type of system as they have no cost of ownership and are predominantly maintenance free.
  • Electric mobile carriage systems are typically only used in larger projects that need advanced safety features or for PIN code access for specific access aisles. These systems require maintenance contracts to have the electronic components serviced and operational.

Lateral Mobile Storage Weapon Racks are the most unique setup for weapon racks. Utilizing carriages that hold single weapon racks, carriages slide from side  to side on a track revealing additional weapon racks behind them and ultimately a fixed row of cabinets in the rear row.

Mechanical Assist Weapon Storage Systems carriage dimensions are determined by the space available in your arms room and the number of weapon racks required to store your weapon density list and gear.Mechanical assist handles rotate to drive carriages. Multiple carriages can be moved effortlessly with one handle. By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we are eliminating fixed aisles seen between static weapon racks. This allows for a higher storage capacity within your arms room. Mobile Carriages allow additional weapon racks in the same footprint as fixed weapon racks.

Electric Weapon Storage Systems differ from the more traditional Mechanical assist handles to drive carriages. With the push of a button, carriages can be opened and closed by a controller in place of a handle. Power is transmitted between carriages with pantograph arms above storage. Electric Weapon Storage Systems can be as simple as having a left or right button on a carriage controller or they can have PIN code access for higher security level requirements. The ability to protect users within the system and weapons and gear within adds additional safety and security inside of arms rooms.

Mobile Weapon Shelving Systems allow for the greatest density of weapon storage over static weapon storage systems. By placing Combat Weapon Shelving onto moveable carriages, arms rooms, armories, crime labs, evidence vaults, property rooms and firearm manufacturers can store weapon systems in a compact and secure organized fashion.

Mobile Weapon Storage Systems allow for aisles to be collapsed, eliminating wasted fixed aisle space and increasing weapon storage capacity. Site surveys are critical to measuring the arms room space and best utilizing storage and workflow inside the armory. In some cases, a mobile weapon storage system is implemented just to give more work space within the armory where static storage overwhelms the armory.

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Turnkey High Density Weapon Storage systems
are offered via our GSA Schedule, GS-07F-0661W
or via DLA’s Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) programs.

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