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Sniper Rifle Systems Storage are stored in Combat Weapon Racks using our universal Combat Weapon Holders and individually adjustable Combat Barrel Saddles.

Sniper Rifles may or may not need to be double spaced due to the bi-pod attached to the weapon.

These are also weapons that due to their length are typically not stored double tiered. Full height or mid-tier weapon racks in some cases may be able to store M4s above sniper rifles but in the case of the M107 there is no room for additional vertical storage of weapons above.

M4s can easily be double tiered in mid-tier height weapon racks with a shelf in between tiers for additional storage.

Sniper Rifles can be stored mixed with other weapons in the same rack and also with storage shelves, all depending on your weapon density list and the configuration of your Combat Weapon Rack.

Rifle Systems racks can be ordered via our GSA Schedule or by National Stock Number.


  • 8 internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors (doors do not obstruct aisles)
  • Welded Cabinet Construction
  • Fully Slotted Reinforced Back Panel
  • Leveling Feet in 4 corners of rack base
  • Anchor holes for attaching to facility
  • Pre-punched to bolt side to side and back to back
  • Multiple Heights, Widths & Depths available
  • 8 standard color options

NSN Weapon Racks – Sniper Rifle Systems Storage

NSN Weapon Racks are pre-configured Combat Weapon Racks that can be ordered through supply channels. NSN Weapon Racks from Combat Weapon Storage Systems can be loaded without having to be field certified by a physical security officer. The weapon racks must be bolted to the floor, wall or side to side with adjacent racks to meet the 500 lb requirement.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 manufactured, offering the highest quality manufacturing standards in the industry.

Both our 9 & 10 point locking system weapon racks are TACOM approved for use in armories and exceed AR 190-11, MCO 5530.14A, OPNAVINST 5530.13C & DOD 5100.76.

High Density Sniper Rifle Storage Systems

Mobile Weapon Rack Systems are a Combat Weapon Storage specialty. We’ve installed well over a million miles worth of track over the years as a corporation including some very large arms rooms.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we are eliminating fixed aisles seen between static weapon racks. This allows for a higher storage capacity within your arms room.

Mobile Carriages allow additional weapon racks in the same footprint as fixed weapon racks

Combat Weapon Storage Systems have designed armories for all branches of military.
Let us help you build, organize and expand your arms room to be ready for action.


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