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Weapon Accessories like NVGs, Gas Masks, Bayonets, detached optics are best stored on full width and full depth adjustable storage shelves, allowing armorers to determine how many items can be placed on each shelf.

Unobstructed storage shelves allow for maximum storage capabilities within weapon rack systems not afforded the same opportunity as plastic bins or metal bin systems.

Shelves are adjustable on 1″ vertical increments inside of Combat Weapon Racks with various shelf widths available. Shelves do not have to be full width to be supported inside of Combat Weapon Racks.

Many of our pre-configured weapon rack kits include shelves mixed with weapons to allow armorers to include night vision goggles, NODs, binos, etc in with weapons as sensitive serialized items require locking weapon racks.

Weapon Accessories can be stored in weapon racks with shelves and ordered via our GSA Schedule or by National Stock Number.

  • 8 Internal lock rods
  • Reverse Bi-Fold Doors
  • Welded Cabinet Construction
  • Fully Slotted Reinforced Back Panel
  • Leveling Feet in 4 corners of rack base
  • Anchor holes for attaching to facility
  • Pre-punched to bolt side to side and back to back
  • Heights, Widths & Depths available

Unobstructed NVG Storage

NVG Storage utilizing steel shelves best supports optics with proper weight capacity and an unobstructed shelf. Steel shelves adjustable on 1″ increments will allow for maximum storage density of optics inside of weapon racks without being locked into a specific height setting predicated on a bin system.

NVG Storage using plastic bins is available, however plastic bins have limited widths and weight capacities, and do not use the full depth available inside the weapon rack. The formed edges of plastic bins also reduce storage capacity, taking away valuable real estate to store additional optics inside of your weapon racks.

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