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Armory Shelving

This post details how to store all of the other stuff inside of your arms rooms that doesn’t go inside of small arms racks.

Shelving inside of arms rooms  stores lots of miscellaneous items that don’t traditionally store well inside of small arms racks such as weapon cases, tripods, mounts and ammo cans.

Secure Armory Shelving is available as stand-alone fixed shelving or also on high density weapon storage systems.

Armory Shelving is available as wide-span, bulk storage shelving for larger items such as weapon cases, wood crates and ammo.  Regular steel storage shelving with plain shelves can also be secured with locking security doors to enclose items that need to go on plain shelves but not inside of small arms racks.

Small parts storage requiring drawers with front to back partitions and adjustable cross dividers can also be placed in storage shelving with and without doors that allows arms rooms to fully secure all storage items within the arms room.

The ability to utilize shelving to store miscellaneous odds and ends inside of an armory organizes the space and gives a proper storage home to items that may traditionally be piled up in the corner (mounts and tri-pods) or on top of weapon racks (pelican cases and weapon crates).

Shelving systems are a common storage solution for law enforcement agencies to secure weapons and gear in controlled access arms rooms, duty weapon storage, evidence room storage, forensic firearm storage, jail / prison storage and range storage.

Armory Shelving

Wide span shelving or bulk storage shelving can be secured with welded wire security doors. The advantage of this style of shelving is in the width, depth and weight capacity of each shelf level. Larger capacity shelf load capacities eliminate concerns about overloading shelves with too much weight.

Standard storage shelving pairs well with high density weapon rack systems with the ability to have carriages within the footprint just with storage shelving adjacent to weapon racks. With shelf dimensions available in 24-48″ widths and various depths, standard storage shelving has lots of flexibility for items that store well on storage shelves.

Modular drawer storage is available in cabinet housing or can easily be added to storage shelving, secured with locks on drawers or security doors to enclose each section of shelving. Small parts are difficult to store on plain shelves, lending themselves quite nicely to drawers with partitions and dividers that allow cells to be configured based on the parts.

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