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Weapon Rack Layout

This post details the best layouts for weapon racks when designing an armory.

Fixed Weapon Racks are stationary weapon racks that get anchored to the floor. They can be configured around the perimeter of the room or setup back to back with aisles between cabinets in larger arms rooms. The layout of weapon racks inside of an armory can be the difference between work flow and efficient use of space for armorers.

Weapon Rack Layout

Weapon Rack Layouts inside of arms rooms are all determined by space available, type and quantity of weapons and gear to be stored, workflow inside of the armory and if any additional space is required besides just storing weapons in small arms racks for shelving, workbenches, desks or other storage requirements.

Weapon Rack Layouts have historically involved old M12 Small Arms Racks around the perimeter of the armory. These older racks required chains to be run through them to meet the 500 lb physical security requirement and the eyelets to run chain through were commonly installed along the armory walls and in the corners of the space.

With the advent of fully enclosed modular weapon racks, these chains and eyelets are no longer necessary in arms room for a weapon rack layout. Weapon Racks can be anchored from inside of the fully welded cabinet in all four corners to your concrete slab without any chains or eyelets to meet the 500 lb requirement.

Weapon rack layouts can now be established to best maximize the armory footprint which may involve opening up valuable floor space by not lining the walls with weapon racks.

Weapon Racks
leveled & anchored

Weapon Rack Layout Configurations

Wrapping weapon racks around the perimeter of the armory requires direct access in front of the weapon racks to open and close doors and to store and retrieve weapons and gear. This can be a restrictive layout if additional floor space is needed in front of the weapon racks.

Fixed Weapon Racks
Mobile Weapon Racks

Utilizing back to back weapon racks coming off of walls and into the space requires aisle access between rows of weapon racks. Back to back weapon rack installations and configurations creates static aisles between weapon racks for multiple armorers to access weapons at the same time.

High Density Weapon Storage Systems are configured in the same way as back to back weapon racks but are installed on top of rolling carriages with track installed in the floor to collapse aisles that are not in use and get more capacity than configurations with static aisles.

Lateral Mobile Weapon Rack Systems are configured with one fixed row of weapon racks installed on top of a carriage and individual weapon racks on carriages that slide from side to side, exposing storage in rows behind them.

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