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Homeland Security Weapon Racks

The US Department of Homeland Security encompasses many different alphabet agencies that have various requirements to securely store weapons to support their mission.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems has storage solutions to meet the needs of each agency including storage of weapons, gear, ammunition as well as security cages.

Weapon systems such as M4s, Shotguns, Pistols, are routinely stored for most federal agencies with larger, more diverse weapons like M2s, MK19s for the Coast Guard and FLETC and others.

There are many instances when arms rooms are not large enough to store all weapons and gear with free-standing weapon racks or weapon shelving, thus requiring a high density weapon storage system. Mobile carriage systems eliminate fixed aisles between rows of storage, allowing aisles to collapse and greatly increasing the storage capacity of arms rooms.

  • US Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE
  • US Customs and Border Protection – CBP
  • United States Secret Service – USSS
  • Transportation Security Administration – TSA
  • US Coast Guard – USCG
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – FLETC
  • DHS Science and Technology Directorate
  • Federal Protective Service – FPS
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis – OIA
  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
  • Office of Operations Coordination
  • National Protection and Programs Directorate
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • DHS Office of Health Affairs
  • National Communications System
  • Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Computer Emergency Readiness Team
  • United States Border Patrol – USBP

Homeland Security Weapon Racks

44″ H Weapon Racks are single tier stackable weapon racks, capable of being stacked two racks high. 44″ H NSN Weapon Racks fill needs for smaller quantities of weapons and gear as well as for units that need to keep weapons separate from other units within the same armory.

76″ H Weapon Racks are mid-tier height weapon racks capable of storing two tiers of M4s as well as one tier of M16s and M4s in the same rack. 76″ H Weapon Racks are commonly used in armories with 8′ H ceilings to stay under the 18″ sprinkler clearance required by fire code.

85″ H Combat Weapon Racks are full height weapon racks capable of storing two tiers of full height rifles as well as many other combinations of weapons stored double tiered and with full width steel adjustable shelves. 85″ H Weapon Racksare the tallest racks we manufacture and require ceilings in the 9′ H range to be 18″ clear of fire sprinklers.

In some settings, lockable weapon racks aren’t necessary as the armory is located inside of a controlled access point, restricting access to the space.

In these situations, our open Combat Weapon Shelving can line the walls of the armory or even come out off the wall creating aisles with double sided sections.

When faced with a larger quantity of weapons and gear to store, we have the option of picking the shelving up and installing it on top of carriages to create a High Density Weapon Shelving system.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we eliminate fixed aisles between static weapon racks which allows for higher storage capacity.

Integrating Shelving Storage Systems into your space will increase weapon storage density and provide maximum storage capacity.

Combat Armory Workbenches allow armorers to work on weapons in the arms room or anywhere the  Workbench is installed.

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